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Campbell's Atlas of Oil and Gas Depletion

C.J. Campbell, Ireland


Campbell's Atlas of Oil and Gas Depletion, Second Edition, is the product of a halfcentury of critical analysis and updating of data on the status of oil and gas depletion by country, region and the world as a whole.

  • Provides a country-by-country assessment of oil and gas depletion
  • Covers both conventional and non-conventional oil and gas resources
  • Quantifies oil and gas reserves by region
  • Combines a local and a global perspective
  • Represents essential reading for researchers, policy-makers, and industry professionals, with unprecedented implications for the population as a whole

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for governments, NGO’s and multinational organizations.
- Consultations,
- 1-day perception-workshops,
- 2-day perception-gatherings
- 3-day perception-gathering-think-tanks
global Oil & Gas, Energy, Economy, Climate and Geopolitics,
using 'The Way of the 5 Intelligences'.

for universities, institutions and conferences:
- Guest-lectures,
- Speeches,
in and around the theme of 'Long-term Energy Security'.

More information at 'Services' or via
or tel.: +49 2662 948291 (Germany, MET)

Alexander's Commentary

Climate-Change – Change of Climate

What is happening with 'the Climate' and what is causing what is happening?

Currently here in Germany we have

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