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Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections at www.gasandoil.com is, since 1995, a portal for perception on global energy-related developments.

The aim is to provide news and analyses on global oil/gas/energy-related developments that are independent from political and financial interests and are built upon a holistic, integrational view, incorporating the ongoing changes in economy, climate, geo-politics and a host of other related issues.

The perceptions resulting from these researches are conveyed in consultations, perception-workshops, conferences and think-tanks.
Unique ways, active participation, cooperation with world-renowned experts and the usage of a unique intelligence- and perception-enhancing tool, the ‘Way of the 5 Intelligences’, are resulting in knowledge-transfer and new understandings at hitherto unmatched levels.

In 2009 Colin Campbell, the ‘dean’ of ‘Peak Oil’ offered Alexander his data and knowledge, in support of the independent and unorthodox ways and analyses. Subsequently the ‘Campbell's Atlas of Oil and Gas Depletion’ was produced, a country-by-country analysis of the remaining global endowment of oil and gas, published by Springer in Feb. 2013.

Next to consultations, perception-workshops, conferences and think-tanks there are two news-services on offer: the 'Oil & Gas News', giving a global overview, subdivided in geographic regions. and ‘World News’, reporting on Other Energy, Economy, Climate and Global Geo-Politics, allowing a broad and integrated view on the ongoing changes.

Alexander Wöstmann, founder and owner of ‘Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections‘ is the driving force behind the institute. As researcher and consultant he is focussed on the future, incorporating the broader context in his analyses and assessments.

His broad knowledge and deep understanding, in combination with his unorthodox and honest style give new insights and a different appreciation of the global developments, often deviating substantially from the well-known sources.

His approach is without a political or financial agenda.

Alexander has over 3 decades of experience in the energy-information-world, founded in 1995 the news-letter ‘Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections’ covering the global oil & gas developments, organised his own conferences and workshops, has been speaking on international energy-conferences, founded the news-service ‘Oil-Around’ and has been writing multiple shorter and longer essays.

A native of the Netherlands, Alexander moved to Germany in 1997, currently living in the beautiful Westerwald.

In addition to his native Dutch, he speaks fluent German and English and reasonable French.

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Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections (www.gasandoil.com)
Dorfstraße 10
57612 Volkerzen (Germany)
+49 2681 9838837

Owner: Alexander Wöstmann

Responsible for content: Alexander Wöstmann
Steuer-Idnr: DE 18/360/60263

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