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Alexander’s Gas Oil Connections is the web-service of Alexander Wöstmann, a national of the Netherlands from 1958 now living in Germany, and is the expression of the wish to give a different coverage on global gas & oil developments. Alexander started Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections on paper in 1995, and partnered up in 1996 to extend into the internet on www.gasandoil.com. Since mid 1996 Alexander searches the web and goes through thousands of articles from hundreds of different sources, to extract the long-term-development-interest-serving news-items, and offers them, free-of charge. In June 2010, after 14 years and near to 100.000 articles, Alexander took full ownership of the site and with Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connection now, we bank on the experience, expertise and perceptions built up over the three decades since entering the energy-information-business, and have expanded into Oil-Around and Energy Evaluation Monthly, offering a vast range of extended news-coverage on energy, economy, climate & environment, geostrategy and other, and a monthly analysis and evaluation, for our Premium and Premium-Plus members. Over time, our name and reputation has given rise to connections of many kinds and sometimes opportunities arise. Together with two excellent and high level partners, we form a trio of mediators for when countries seek the right project for their needs or for when a region or company needs oil, oil-products or gas or LNG, or is seeking clients for it. Alexander’s Energy Information (expected launch Q3) will be a re-engineering of the very extensive oil and gas data from Colin Campbell, re-worked, with him, by our specialist on-site. This will form the base for an advanced multi-vectored forecasting tool. This venture is built upon the paradigm that “The future is NOT an extrapolation of the past, it is a new Creation permission” and the knowing that the changes coming are from an origin far higher than planetary and will bring the need for structural changes and new ways of being, living and working together. This site wants to make a start with offering different views on the developments, in Gas & Oil News, Oil-Around and Energy Evaluation Monthly and an energy-database based upon data from the pre-fiddling times, re-worked to serve the needs of the future. Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections Information – Analysis – Mediation www.gasandoil.com
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Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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