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A bit of a shock
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Climate change and changing the climate
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A different reality
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Mixed signals
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Climate change and changing the climate


In my studies about the changing climate, I recently came across an article that put a very interesting parallel between the changes in the global climate and changes in human behaviour. It became apparent that parallel to the growing emissions and the rising global temperatures, there is also a rise in violence, in suicides, in all kind of diseases, as can be observed all over the world.
And from my other studies I might add that there is also a rise in the influence of the financial markets, the excessiveness of greed, the concentration of power and the manipulation of the media and markets, as all can be observed by the avid (and open-minded) reader.

The change of climate on the planet can not be related to just one factor, be it CO2 or even emissions, as those who take the bigger picture into account can know: the planet is part of a solar system that is in a period of change, and our solar system is part of a bigger unit within our Milky Way that is in constant movement and is also currently undergoing vast changes, all having their influence on our local situation. Exact quantification is of course not possible, nor can direct  relationships be proven, as they cannot even be proven for the human induced changes. What we do know is that we urgently need to reduce the emissions of which is proven that they are detrimental to the global climate.
What about the human behavioural changes that seem to go with the global climate changes? Might we need to start looking at how, over the years, human behaviour “heated up”, became more corrosive, the language more aggressive, with ever increasing pressure?

Could it be that part of the solution may be in a changing climate between humans? As everyone knows: a good conversation, decent behaviour or a fine friendship is reducing pressure and cooling the (human) system. Of course there are no technical solutions for this, no excessive profits to be made and the solution is up to every individual, it is a personal choice. It may also turn out to be more difficult than just buying another piece of equipment to ease our consciousness: the change must be in the mind, individually and collective.

But whilst it may be more difficult, it may also be much cheaper and more long-lasting, especially as we would be able to pass it on to the next generations, that could then say: they ruined the planet but at least they found back some human values.


This large update contains, next to the “normal” news, quite some interesting articles on the ongoing pipeline frenzy in Europe, the new Arctic play and some notes and tones on the shifting sands in global geo-politics.

Do some good to someone, and register how it feels and how it reduces pressure, cools the system and ups the morale. Changing the climate can be easy. Just try it!



Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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