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Change of face - change of phase
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A bit of a shock
A simple but far-reaching idea
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Climate change and changing the climate
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A different reality
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A simple but far-reaching idea


In the search for ideas what can be done to reduce emissions and waste of energy, we have seen lots of news and articles on big and expensive projects, be it for hydrogen, biofuels, ethanol or CO2 capturing. Unfortunately it has appeared rather quickly that the investments in these projects resulted in either more emissions, environmental degradation, water-shortage, food-shortage or more oil. The latest is a project that captures the CO2 from the emissions from a power plant, which is then used for enhanced oil recovery. In itself very useful but not really adding to reduced emissions.

In this update there is however a very simple and unique project that happened in China, resulting in substantial saving, and showing that it doesn”t always need huge investments to reduce energy usage.
The idea was as simple as it was effective: they put the light out. Now this seems laughable but this time it was the ever-burning advertising lights in one of their big cities, which in a matter of 30 minutes spared 1500 kWh in energy. And let”s be honest, who needs all these flashing advertisements 24 hours a day? It could even be argued: who needs them at all?
Most city-dwellers will have got so used to the overload that it is doubtful they have any effect anymore. And it may be argued that reducing such wasteful habits could have a very good effect, not only on the energy-bills and the emission-levels but also on the human psyche. Ever more people are complaining about light-pollution. Reducing pollution and saving money just by the switch of a switch, isn”t that lovely?

If we look around in cities and we ask how much of those lights are actually serving still a purpose, we might start to calculate what it would save if a switching-off policy would be started.

At the same time, in the Netherlands, in the city of Philips the light-bulb-pioneer, a project has been started to exchange the street-lightning by LEDs, also switch off unnecessary light-advertising and, very interesting, start to equip streetlights with motion-detectors. Many lights in many streets of many cities and villages are burning from sunset to sunrise without necessity most of the time. Huge savings would be possible here.

Adding to the ideas could be switching off lights in office-blocks, monitors and computers not in use, trim air-conditioners to reasonable levels, and so on. Everyone of you will find some easy examples with which energy can be saved without or with very little investment. We just need to keep our eyes open and our minds willing.

Simplicity is sometimes very effective.

Enjoy the update.


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Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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