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Where is this going?
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Driving the markets
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Kenya: a new oil-frontier?
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2007; A year to remember
The good news
A bit of a shock II
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A bit of a shock
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Hype, Realism, Convergence
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Climate change and changing the climate
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A box of Pandora?
Changing systems
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A different reality
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A whirling 2007
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One world, two systems?
Oil and development?
The year 2065?
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Mixed signals
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Changing balances
Truth or Deception?
A fresh overview
Bigger picture first
National Interests vs. Shareholders Value
'The Dialogue'
Do we actually need to worry?

2007; A year to remember


As  2007 is now coming to a close, we can look back at quite an intense year.

The seriousness of climate-change has found a much greater acceptance and realistic plans are being made to reduce the human carbon footprint.

The oil price has gone to levels that were unthinkable only a while ago.
But somehow it seems acceptable.

There is a “breaking free” and re-positioning in many countries about who the real friends and partners are and many relationships have been renewed or newly engendered as a response to the fast moving international theatre.

These are only a few of the many developments that have taken place this year and there is not enough space here to go into detail. However, a special note is needed for what has happened in the last weeks: With the appearance of the NIE-report on the nuclear activities in Iran, the world is now a different place.

It is those brave men (and women) that had the courage to stand up and tell the world their best assessment which made all the difference. Suddenly the balloon of threat  burst and all the manipulation and evil meddling was brought to the surface, making clear that “God”s own country” was close  to becoming “the evil empire”.

The question of who we can actually trust and who is speaking the truth has been given a new dimension.

The response is interesting to see, especially in the Middle East. It is now being practiced that working together and being “good neighbours” is more important, cheaper and more effective than dissent and “far friends”. 

This NIE report and its consequences have been a major turning-point in 2007 and will have reverberations into the future, not only because of what it did (burst the bubble) but especially because of what now is possible in terms of cooperation between countries that was not possible before.

In the end the truth will prevail.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a very good time, a fine Christmas for those for whom it is relevant and a prosperous, exciting and healthy 2008 should you also count the years like this.

We will be “off-line” for the period to come and will be “on-line” again on January 7. The next update will be mid-January.

Until then: stay safe, stay healthy, stay clean.

All the best,


Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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