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A President speaks the truth!


It was somewhat unexpected to hear the words coming from a man that is known here for his clear but generally soft-spoken words, but this time Horst Köhler, current President of Germany and former head of the International Monetary Fund was very outspoken in his language and what he meant: the financial markets had turned into “Monsters” and did not understand their own products anymore.
What can you say? He is one of the few that actually knows what he is talking about and also one of the few that did not leave in a scandal. So we can only say: Thank you, Mr. President. It is great to see a President that speaks the truth!
In the current update there is again a good coverage of the global developments and some articles that deserve some extra attention.

One is an article, to be found in News & Trends North America, with the title: “Oil use from emerging markets to exceed US for first time”.
The article describes that, for the first time, China, India, Russia and the Middle East, altogether, will consume more crude oil than the US, burning 20.67 mm bpd this year, an increase of 4.4 %, against a US demand that will contract 2 % to 20.38 mm barrels daily, the IEA says.

Whether the authors saw the irony in it is doubtful, but when we realise that those countries together have almost 3 billion people, against about 250 million in the US, one can only wonder how far the official organisations will go in trying to convince the world that “it is them” that are the real problem.

When we look at all the subtle and less subtle finger-pointing in the media concerning energy-usage, we might want to consider that a finger is connected to a body that does the actual pointing, and mostly with a reason.

In line with that, another article can be seen, in the same section: “US carbon emissions expected to rise 23 % over UN benchmark by 2025”.
"With current policies, the greenhouse-gas emissions of the US will increase by 18 % between 2005 and 2025," IEA chief economist Fathi Birol told. "If you compare this with 1990 levels, by 2025 there will be plus 38 %."
He added: "If the (newly announced) policies and measures -- energy efficiency, renewables, all the policies -- are implemented, you can take off about 15 % from this. So it means an increase of about 23 % between 1990 and 2025, but only if the policies are implemented and respected."

One can only wonder how far the US is prepared to go in guaranteeing its wasteful “American Way of life”, that obviously is driving a great deal of its population into trouble, the world ever faster towards an abyss of irreversible climate-change and financial disaster but secures vast wealth for a small group of cronies of the current gerontocratie.

For some background concerning the current pipeline-politics and geo-political movements in Europe, you are advised to read “The AMBO-pipeline or America at War in Macedonia” that can be found in News & Trends Europe and News & Trends North America.

To respond on beforehand to questions whether I am anti-American, I can say that I would respond very similar to any group or nation that would behave like this: with openness and directness. The articles I am pointing to have appeared in the world-press and I am just the person bringing them together.

And there are about 450 other articles in this Update.

Enjoy the reading,


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Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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