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Silence for the storm?


It seems relatively quiet at the moment, after all the excitement in Europe”s backyard during the Olympic Games, and hopefully it is a time of reflection and not a time of gathering somewhere else to strike somewhere else.

It is quite astonishing what happened that lead to the recent mini-war, as the details of it surfaced in the less controlled and still independently thinking media.

On the day of the opening of the Olympic Games, which should be a feast of Brotherhood and Sisterhood and Fairness, Ukrainian Peacekeepers in South Ossetia suddenly opened fire on their colleague Russian Peacekeepers, killing dozens, and then went on a rampage of destruction that included burning down churches with all the refugees in it. Starting a war that could not be won.

One wonders why this happened, and exactly then, but it becomes more clear when it gets known that only weeks before,Ukrainian armed forced were holding wargames with their Western partners.
One wonders what it has to do with the US Elections, coming from the question: Who is benefitting?

What is at play? Pipeline-politics, encirclement, containment, preparations for a bigger war, energy-robbery, geopolitical rivalry and pestering, multiple-pipelines-policy, all at the same time?

It seems ever more that Europe, especially the “Old Europe”, the original one, is being made hostage to geopolitical “games” upon which it has little influence but for which it will pay a hefty price, and can only comment afterwards.

The good thing is that transparency is rising and the realisation of the machinations and lies and betrayals that are at the basis of the current happenings are slowly increasing. Ever more people become aware of the deeply troubling meddling of certain geo-powers that are potentially threatening security at many levels, not only energy or military.

Whether it is in the Balkan, in Central Asia, Asia, Africa or in the Middle East, state-sponsored terrorism is on the rise, and many analysts are wondering how it is possible that nations that flag “Freedom and Democracy” and “Human Rights” to others, have the moral ground to talk. It becomes ever more clear that the billions that are used to fund “Development of Democratic Structures” are being instrumental to covert operations to colour-revolutions, regime-change or helping the case of war.

The world should be aware of Presidents that are notorious liars that are supported by deeply corrupts structures, financially and morally, as they may have lost a sense of reality a long time ago and could bring us all on the brink of disaster on a much larger scale than is now imaginable.

The Georgian Events was not about oil, although it may have far-reaching consequences for the energy-security of Europe.

..and whilst Europe is licking its wounds and is trying to restore the facades, a whole bunch of warships has entered the Persian Gulf. They say it is to support the happenings in Europe, but when we read other sources, we may be offered a disastrous war as a “Gift” to the next President.

Stay awake,



Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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