Alexander's Commentary
Change of face - change of phase
A Future?
Climate-Change – Change of Climate
Oil-Around 2013
Finally there: The Campbell’s Atlas of Oil & Gas Depletion
New time arising
Ein heisser Herbst? (A hot Autumn?)
Where is this going? – 3
Where is this going? -2
Where is this going?
Is it important?
A Moment of Truth at Passing
The Iran Hoax
The 2012 Adventure
Solstice Greetings
Taking on the future
A new beginning
Twist and Turn
Shale-gas: just a gas?
Little miracles, big wonders
Unconventional gas
To Peak or not to Peak, is that the question?
Going on ...
Time for change
Economy; What Economy?
Media Noise Windfall Profit
The Winds of Change
Signs of the future?
Reality and Hope
Best Wishes
What goes around, comes around
A throughout, integrated view
Signs of change?
P.P.P. versus Need
Working for climate-change?
Good signs
Contradicting signals
All over again? The difference between perception and reality.
The paradigm, the mind-set and reality
Two minds
Positive inclination
Different values?
The long view
Leaping to the future
New signs of hope?
A message of hope?
Some good news anywhere?
A project gone awry?
Traces of light
Driving the markets II
Driving the markets
Meeting reality
Silence for the storm?
The times are changing
The Theatre
Some Questions, no answers
Ocean carbon sinks and returns
The good news, the bad and the ugly
A President speaks the truth!
Green masks
Saving us with or from bio-fuels?
The good news
Driving the oil-price?
A new dilemma?
Kenya: a new oil-frontier?
Forecasting a trend?
Some early signs for 2008
2007; A year to remember
The good news
A bit of a shock II
Fraud alert - bogus job ads
A bit of a shock
A simple but far-reaching idea
Hype, Realism, Convergence
A touch of globality
Climate change and changing the climate
Refineries, Biofuels and internal demand
Figures, figures & figures
Pipelines, Biofuels & Reserves
Expectation, projections, contradictions.
A box of Pandora?
Changing systems
A dynamical environment
Projections and reality
Changing reality
A different reality II
A different reality
PPP: Prices, poverty and politics
A whirling 2007
The year of shifting balances
One world, two systems?
Oil and development?
The year 2065?
Mixed signals II
Mixed signals
A War on hold?
No Comment
Changing balances
Truth or Deception?
A fresh overview
Bigger picture first
National Interests vs. Shareholders Value
'The Dialogue'
Do we actually need to worry?

Contradicting signals


After quite some time of silence, we hereby provide our next update with another extensive selection of relevant industry news. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we had to suspend updating, but we are back on line and catching up.

As it is holiday-time, it seems not the right moment to go into deep analyses of the developments worldwide, but what easily can be seen is that an impending gas and LNG-glut may trigger the next wave of bad news for the gas-providers, as in several parts of the world there will be more gas becoming available than needed, causing low prices, and postponement of projects.

Notwithstanding some noises about “early recovery” or “green shoots”, reality is showing that for many people in the Western part of the planet, the economic crisis is just starting or has not started yet, but will develop its full effects only in some time. Especially in the US, where millions of people are waiting foreclosures and un-employment-benefits for many will run out next year, the delayed effects will have substantial effect on the whole economy (it being for 70 % dependant on consumption), and further downward revisions of oil & gas demand may be expected.

As Europe may follow, albeit less heavily, the combined effect of the slowing down of many OECD/ “developed” economies, may further push down global demand, even whilst in Asia demand is growing. Generally we can expect therefore, related to supply and demand, prices to stay relatively modest.

How the prices will develop for real, will mainly depend upon “other” factors, such as “market-interferences”, geo-political happenings or “hype-ups”.

It will be a delicate dance between what is needed for future production and benefits, prices needed for substantive returns, security of profitability for new projects within an environment of currently decreasing demand but also, somewhat later, declining supply.

It will be very interesting to see what is going to happen the coming months.

Stay tuned,


Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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