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Working for climate-change?


Whilst the world is preparing to come together to see what agreements can be attained in order to reduce human-caused emissions, in an attempt to keep climate-change “under control”, some reality is surfacing.
In the latest assessment by the German BGR on availability of resources, immediately at the beginning of their assessment we can learn that between 2001 and 2007 the production and the consumption of non-renewable energy-resources has increased 30 % in just 6 years, mainly by extra production of coal. Indeed 30 %!!

So whilst the world and the politicians are talking since many years about the need for reduction of emissions and energy-usage, in only 6 years a 30 % increase in production and consumption has happened. And with that, probably an increase in emissions of more than 30 %, as the main growth has come from coal.

So whilst we are all made to believe that the world is in dire need of a strong reduction in emissions, which it is, and all the politicians and scientists are talking and producing reports and influencing the media, reality is that exactly the opposite is happening. This bears the question what Kyoto was actually about? And what actually is being tried in Copenhagen, other than that very many people will fly all over the world, doing and talking very importantly about the need to reduce emissions, conjuring up new schemes with which apparently reduction of emissions can be obtained (but which in reality are just the next financial plays to keep the money-boys happy in their ferocious search for “investments”).

And at the same time new, until now suppressed, details are surfacing about the level of melting in the Arctic (worse than anticipated), the rapid acidification of the oceans, the droughts at ever more places,  and the many side-effects that this, and the many other “collaterals of climate-change”, will have on humanity.

Than it can be read that still projects are on the go to set up “green” palm-oil plantations of hundreds of thousands or up to 1 million hectare, for which of course many thousands of people will need to be displaced, probably some of the last original forests will (need to) be burned down, causing irreparable damage to ecosystems, countries  and populations, using up ever more scarce water resources, causing more emissions than the “green” fuels that are produced this way can ever help to prevent. But of course some “green” points can be earned by it, and the developers and the banks will have a good return (and everything else can go to hell, and probably will).

The divergence between what is being displayed and what is actually happening is appalling, and so is the hypocrisy.

We are not being told the truth about the state the planet is in, should some people even have the overview, nor are we being told about the real state the economy is in, and apart from some hype-up to increase financial gain, we are not being told about the real state of the energy-situation world-wide. Whilst expected energy-demand has come down from a ridiculous 125+ mm bpd in 2030 to  “just” 106 mm bpd, this is still laughable in the face of the rampant depletion, notwithstanding the noises about new finds.

It is time some people start to talk some sense and reality about what we are doing, because at the moment the human race is hurtling towards a very tough brick wall of irreparable damage to our climate, fast exhaustion of essentials like energy and water, in combination with collapsing food-chains, agricultural disasters due to drought and climate-change and all the other side-effects that are starting to turn up increasingly.

Of course we will see very well decorated scientists, very concerned politicians and much money being poured in “new energy solutions”, all to make sure we “fight climate-change”. But that is what happened in Kyoto and its follow-ups. And the result was an increase in production, an increase in consumption and an increase in environmental destruction and so much more. But some people made mighty money.

Will it be different this time?

Stay alert,


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Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

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