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Where is this going?
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A Moment of Truth at Passing
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Driving the markets
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The good news
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The good news
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A bit of a shock
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Climate change and changing the climate
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A different reality
PPP: Prices, poverty and politics
A whirling 2007
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One world, two systems?
Oil and development?
The year 2065?
Mixed signals II
Mixed signals
A War on hold?
No Comment
Changing balances
Truth or Deception?
A fresh overview
Bigger picture first
National Interests vs. Shareholders Value
'The Dialogue'
Do we actually need to worry?

A Moment of Truth at Passing

Currently I am in a process that most of us will experience or will have experienced; the passing away of the mother.

It is a process that is inevitable and in this case, after a life of hard work, supporting the husband in his profession, bringing up and educating 4 children, being active in the school-system, helping numerous people in many different situations, and having gone through quite an ordeal over the last decade, her time on Earth is slowly coming to an end and she can rest assured that she has done all that was possible within the situation she found herself in.

It was beautiful to see, how she started to glow, when she slowly realised that she actually had done quite well, and accepted that her dedication and service might have won her a high place in the order of things, knowing that this life and its achievements are part of the pillars of the next one.

In thinking about this, the question arose, how is this with some other people?

Those people that cause war, or disease, or poverty, or eternal pollution, massive destruction, mass-scale displacement, torture, or legalisation of torture, and all those other crimes that happen by people with a seemingly normal appearance, but that are part of a massive devouring system.

How do they die?

How do all those people live, and die, that are massively manipulating the prices of essential commodities?

Or how do those people live, and die, that cause great upheaval and destruction by the enforcement of economic policies that are sure to disintegrate whole countries and pauper most of the population?

Or how do those people live, and die, that send gangs of mercenaries into countries to shoot up other people to destabilise the country and decapitate it’s leadership so it can be divided up and made suitable for some ‘greater policy’?

Or how do those people live, and die, that finance all the madness that is going on, and are the banks and institutions that enrich themselves by ‘financial creativity’, driving the bubble soon to collapse, to enrich themselves from the shattered pieces?

One can also wonder how we, as a human race, will live, and die, in the future, seeing that the result of our past behaviour is that the oxygen-levels are receding due to the cutting of the trees in combination with the burning of oxygen, that our oceans are becoming acid, as a result of which the marine food-pyramids will collapse and the few remaining fish-stocks will be endangered, that the fresh-water reserves all over the planet are reaching dangerously low levels, as well as that the radioactive contamination is reaching global levels, and all this in combination with collapsing health-systems, growing demographic imbalances, collapsing economies and financial systems, deeply corrupted political systems as well as poisoned nutritional systems and manipulated beliefs.

Isn’t it time to start to realise that something else is needed, and it is not what we think?

We can’t cure the system anymore. It has become like a malignant cancer that has penetrated the whole body and has connected metastases everywhere. As it is also parasitic in nature, it will die as its host will die, or the host will need to drive it out before.

The question then is: what then? How does a society needs to be so that it will not allow anymore these excesses to occur?
How do the economic and social structures need to be that will form the framework for the future needs and circumstances?
What will healthy living and being mean?

What will be the central theme of living, in the future?


The dying and passing of the old, gives space for the new.

Forward looking,


P.s.: Responses are always welcome at

Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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