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A different reality
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Do we actually need to worry?

A Future?

After a long editorial silence, it is time again for a comment on world affairs.

Whilst reading through the multiple media-platforms around the world to extract the relevant news for this site, it becomes clear that the world is in a growing state of transition and disparity, with the question arising where this will lead to in the future.

One of the main influencing factors at the moment, not only for the oil & gas price, is terrorism, in which the question of what was first: ‘chicken or the egg’, seems to get widely variant responses, according to whether one reads the main-stream media or some more reliable independent news-sources.

We are in fact at the moment in a period in which there could be an abundance of oil on the world-market, which would cause lower prices, being very helpful for many people and economies that are struggling and have become deeply indebted.

But (economic) terrorism, sanctions and the after-effects of ‘responsibility-to-protect’ have caused several of the largest oil-producing countries to be strongly curtailed in their possibilities to produce, thereby keeping the price ‘comfortably’ above the 100 dollar per barrel.

The side-effect is of course that due to these higher prices, shale-oil is still commercially attractive, as it needs oil above at least 85 dollar. Would the terrorism (in its many devious forms) not be there, the world would enjoy oil of probably about 50 dollar per barrel.

This would greatly help the countries that are currently struggling in the debt-spirals that have been enforced upon them.

However this would bring most of the oil-producing countries in budgetary trouble and would of course greatly reduce the need for increased military spending.

That this would save many millions of people from death, destruction or the traumatic experience of being in a war-like situation seems to be an invalid argument.

For various reasons, upping-the oil-price (profit), military spending (profit), economic and otherwise subjugation, pure domination with subsequent profiteering and at a deeper level ‘religion’ (or whatever is taken for it) or ‘containing the population’, states are being destroyed, countries eternally polluted (depleted uranium in ammo) and multi-millions of people are being subjected to the horrible side-effects of what is being brought/sold to the masses as ‘saving’ or ‘freeing the people’.

And it is spreading over the world like a horrible disease, in which it seems as if the ‘sponsors’, albeit with different reasoning, are gearing up to a future that is none, at least for most of the people of this earth.

Ever more the world is sliding down a slope in which some very few are determining the lives of everyone else, in which a state or a country, especially one with resources, has the choice to either comply and surrender or be destroyed.

And as the reasoning seems to go, this can be done either via wars or economic destruction, or via a slower but also ‘effective’ way of using GMO food, vaccinations or ‘induced climate-variations’.

‘There are anyway too many people on the planet’.

The ‘leaders of the World’, especially the ones of the ‘free’ world, and even more those pulling the strings of the ‘talking puppets’, seem to be, by any definition of humanity, very dangerous people.

The future that is being brought upon us by those ‘illumined leaders beyond borders’ does not bode well for most of the rest of humanity.

There is an urgent need for real change.

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Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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