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Climate-Change – Change of Climate

What is happening with 'the Climate' and what is causing what is happening?

Currently here in Germany we have a fantastic summer with much sun, high temperatures and only sparsely rain. This came very unexpectedly after we had a very long and cold winter with temperatures far below zero and basically hardly any spring. After the freeze had gone, within days the temperature went from minus 7 in the night to plus 21 during the day, causing the trees to ‘explode’ into blossoming with the first weeks no bees in sight, as they needed more time to ‘get going’.

What was interesting was that whilst here in Europe, notwithstanding the excessive cold in the beginning of the year, the talks on the climate kept going on about global warming and that Europe was going to heat up and get very dry, with inherent danger for agriculture and drinking-water shortage.
At the same time, from the other end of the Atlantic ocean, we kept getting messages that climatologist there were expecting Europe to cool down and get very wet, causing very different negative expectations for agriculture, food security and the economy in general.

What now to believe? And on what basis? Currently we have a very hot summer, shortly after we had, due to the sudden warming up, massive rains and flooding in the eastern parts of Germany. Will this be the new trend? It certainly is consistent with the line of heating up, causing the last two decades a substantial increase in summer-temperature averages.

Or is this ‘just’ a coincidence? It is also being said that due to increase in temperatures at the North and South Pole, which are much stronger than anywhere else, the melting of the ice-caps is dumping vast amounts of cold water in the oceans, which is expected to cause a strong increase in precipitation in Europe (with subsequent cooling) and super-storms in North America.

Also, the last years there have been quite a few stories about the Warm Gulf-Stream, which keeps Ireland, Scotland, England and other parts of Northern Europe, relatively warm, strongly decreasing in volume and power, causing frost to appear for two consecutive winters in the south of Ireland for the first time in many decades, as well as ‘quite rotten’ weather during the summer.

So what is happening and what is causing it? Is it us, humans, with our irresponsible way of living, burning billions of tons of coal, trillions of litres of oil and trillions of cubic meter of gas, venting off trillions of cubic meter of methane and other gases, causing excessive pollution by chemical and other factories, large-scale monoculture agriculture with excessive usage of poisons and ‘fertiliser’ and many more examples of misuse of the endowment we have been given; this planet and its ecology?

Absolutely, this excessive behaviour has its very negative effects on the global ecology, as we, for example, start to see in the acidification of the oceans and the appearance of multiple ‘dead zones’, which is already having devastating effects on the micro-organisms at the bottom of the food-chains in the oceans and therefore on the already endangered fish-stocks. This will have major influence on future food-security, and will only be made worse by the highly polluting fish-farms that are occurring everywhere on the planet.

The bigger picture

But are we humans actually the Cause of the changes in the climate as they seem to occur, or are we simply causing a lot of damage within an already changing situation?

We do live on a Planet that not only turns with an average speed of 1700 km per hour around its axis, but also this Planet is turning around our Sun with a speed of 200.000 km per hour, giving us the seasons. And on top of that, our Solar System is moving with a speed of close to 1 million km per hour towards the centre of our Galaxy, the Milky Way.

And as we have entered a new quadrant of our galaxy since about the year 2000 (with one astronomer remarking ‘… and we will be in for a rough ride.’) our planet is moving into areas it has never been in before, with influences coming from ‘Outside’ on it that are unknown in their effect on the planet as a whole, its ecology and its inhabitants.

In an excellent and very revealing lecture by Susan Joy Rennison about ‘Space Weather; Implications for planet Earth and humankind’ ( she clearly shows how our planet is coming in a different ecology in space and the changes this is already having on our planet which are far beyond the effects that the human has.
This is of course also consistent with the apparent occurrence of ‘climate-change’ on several of the planets of our solar system that have been measured over the last years (Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Moon).

What is extremely interesting is that Ms Rennison is taking the whole thing a big step further and shows in her lecture not only the changes on the planet that are occurring as a result of the planets movement in space, but also documents vast changes in human perception and capabilities that go with it. Climate-change gets a very different perspective by this.


Ways of thinking

So what now? Is all climate-science a hoax then? If it is all coming from ‘outside’ can we do nothing about it? And if what we do has anyway no effect, is there any incentive to cut pollution and unbridled destruction of our ecology as is currently still going on?

Well, it may be time to re-consider the arguments and come from our responsibility as a human to not irreversibly pollute the nest that has been given to us or destroy its food-giving possibilities by recklessly following policies that may be based on questionable reasoning (or science).
Instead of fighting something we cannot change anyway, we may look at ways to adapt in such a way that is actually helpful for the population as well as the planet, looked at in an integrated and throughout way.

We may need to revisit some of our current paradigms on energy, food and economy to cater for the coming times and the human and planetary developments, and have the openness to have an honest look whether the currently practiced ways of thinking still fit into the current and coming times. It seems many will need an overhaul.

CO2 and NOx

All the above leads inevitably also to questions about the validity of carbon-taxes and similar measures, said to be aiming at reducing the usage of carbon-based fuels (coal, oil, gas). Currently the main way of thinking seems to be that CO2 and NOx are the main culprits in the warming of our atmosphere. At least that is what we are being told.

Whilst there seems a kind of logic in the thinking that burning vast amounts of carbon-based fuels will cause a heating up of the atmosphere, it can be questioned whether the policies that are derived from this thinking, giving rise to carbon-trading and carbon-taxes, are actually helpful in reducing carbon-based fuel-usage. Looking at global energy usage, it seems that the current reduction is mainly caused by the economic constrictions going on. The increase in the price of fuels may play a role in this, but the underlying causes are certainly elsewhere.

On top of this comes the fact that it has recently been discovered that CO2 and NOx are actually a vast cooling-mechanism (!) of the planet, giving off excess heat into the universe in the form of infra-red radiation.   (

So we may need to have a new look at the current climate-policies and the practices used to ‘combat climate change’.

New times

The above mentioned developments are just a few from a whole plethora of changes going on, too much for this short essay. One thing however needs mentioning, and that is that we are in new times, with unknown developments and changes coming our way, in which the old ways of thinking, and of science, much of which is based on extrapolation from data from the past, will not work anymore.

As the planet and the solar system are entering parts of our galaxy they have never been in, in parts of space it has never been in, so the planet and also the human race are entering new times, with new influences. And even whilst the Sun has an 11-year cycle in which it has a polar-reversal, and we therefore have been through that before, measurements indicate it will be very different this time, with very different and unknown effects.

Does this mean that the people that have decided to spend billions of dollars to spread millions of tons of nano-sized aluminium and other metals high in the atmosphere by ‘Chem-trailing’ to ‘reflect the sunlight’ are practicing their very dangerous experiment to no effect?
That is a question that still needs answering, but at another time….


Alexander Wöstmann

Limbach, 11-8-2013



Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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