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Where is this going?
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A bit of a shock
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A different reality
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Mixed signals
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National Interests vs. Shareholders Value
'The Dialogue'
Do we actually need to worry?

Ein heisser Herbst? (A hot Autumn?)

With the temperature dropping and the nights becoming colder, autumn is arriving here in the Westerwald in Germany, and whilst the woods are becoming a wild tapestry of red, yellow and brown, it is peaceful here, and sometimes hard to understand and especially to feel, that wars are being prepared, nuclear wars on false pretexts, or countries are being infiltrated and attacked, with agendas so very different than what is being told to the public.

We are belied to. We are so incredibly belied to, by the media, who have become all-powerful in spreading the message to further the agenda of those who seem to be creating the rules of the game at the moment.

In several analyses the analogies with the book ‘1984’ are coming up, in which as well the media played a central role and a 180 degree turn needed to be done before one came nearer to the truth.

Although oil and gas are still crucial to our society, they are currently not part of the problem. The markets are oversupplied already for quite some time and this situation may acerbate as the shrinking of the economies will be felt at many levels and overall energy-usage goes down.
Whether this will have an effect on the prices of especially oil is questionable as there seems to be an increasing disconnect between the market of supply and demand and the reality of the oil-price. Recently a graph appeared from the EIA on the different sections that together constitute the oil-price, which showed that 40-45 % of the price was either related to media-noise in several forms or speculation.

This does not say that an oil-price that would be half of current price, would be a good thing, just that the money earned should end up with the people, not the speculators. How much profit is earned from every barrel of oil through speculation?

In the midst of the tranquillity of the woods here, it is sometimes hard to understand why the rush for gold and power must lead to such atrocities as are happening, in Libya and Syria, and Iran, and Pakistan, and increasingly a whole series of other countries that see themselves confronted with calls for ‘independent’ media or more ‘democracy’, or minority-uprisings, suddenly appearing religious strife, or dreadful diseases, earth-quakes, droughts, excessive market-movements, excessive weather-phenomena, or crashed airplanes, disappearing scientists and leaders or a Mumbai or Fukushima- or Norway-like attacks or worse.

And this is currently happening on almost all continents in several degrees of application and severity


This planet would have enough for us all, even with the increasing amount of people, we just need to divide it differently. In the US and Europe between 30 and 50 % of all food is wasted or spoiled. That could feed a whole lot of people.

If small-scale farmers and local markets would be helped and promoted in a way to secure  healthy food for the population (and not max profits for the corporations) not only would food production rise world-wide but also people would be healthier and less diseased.

Although water-resources are getting scarce and in the near future oxygen-levels may go down even further, there is enough for all, when used more sparely and shared more fairly.

This planet can still be restored from damage done over the times, but is now seriously endangered by certain species of humans that seem to think that even a planet can be used, sucked empty, permanently diseased and then discarded, without any sense of responsibility for future generations whatsoever.

And all the time, the planet turns around herself and around the sun, which gives us tomorrow forests that are a little bit more brown, red and yellow.

Keep it up!


Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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