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Little miracles, big wonders

Sometimes there are these 'happenings' in the industry that seem plausible, or are brought to us in a plausible way, but are also little miracles in themselves.

The little miracles sometimes cause big wonders.

It was only days after the top-seat of BP had changed hands that the oil in the Gulf of Mexico seemingly had disappeared. It became 'difficult' to find oil to mop up and the water was apparently clean enough for the president and his daughter to go swimming.

There are many questions and small and big wonders around the blow-out and its stoppage. From the first moment on, there have been persistent rumours that the situation was very different than portrayed.
One of the more credible stories is about the journey of one of the very few existing manned research-submarines fit for such depths that was brought in to assess the damage, in which the scientist describes the floor of the Gulf of Mexico around the disaster-site as 'fractured' with seeps all over.
Another story speaks of an earlier drilling attempt a few miles away, that got stuck and was abandonned and due to the explosion had started to leak, releasing very substantial quantities, out-of-sight.

And then, whilst there never has been a consensus whether the amount leaking from the well portrayed was a few thousand gallons or 5,000 � 10,000 � 50,000 or even 100,000 barrel per day, nor it was known how many millions of gallons of highly toxic dispersant had been used to conceal the real amount of oil leaked, suddenly it is officially declared that 76 % of the oil had disappeared and only 24 % is still to be re-couped.

How this fits together, one can only wonder.
No independent sources are allowed to review the situation on site or report about it or fly over the area to take pictures.

We simply do not know what really is the case. We are being shown the video of one, now capped, well, but cannot see the full picture at that area and depth, nor do we know where the toxic dispersant has been or is being used.

Some comments focus on the toxicity of the dispersant and believe that the dangers of the dispersants used far outweigh the perils of oil on the beaches, as this can be cleaned up, by humans and by nature, whilst the dispersant is said to disperse itself as well, via droplets and rain, over the coastal area, potentially causing large areas being covered with high levels of very persistent toxins.
One can only wonder why BP insisted on using the highly toxic 'concealer' whilst it is known already for a long time that dispersants only make things worse.

But, it can now officially be declared that soon all will be well again and that BP is in safe hands. So some miracles are allowed to happen.

Another little miracles that caused some wonder was the news that an unknown company had been given the right to explore three blocks in the small country of Albania, in Europe, together covering almost 20 % of its landmass. This is the Albania which former President Bush visited after the Kosovo war (and 'lost' his watch) and where soon after several billions of barrels of oil were expected of which a good billion in the three exploration area. Wondering about the company, some research showed that the unknown company has 5 employees.

Isn't it miraculous, how a small and unknown company of 5 people can get the exploration-rights for one fifth of the landmass of a complete country?
One can only wonder.

Stay critical,

Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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