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Change of face - change of phase
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New time arising
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Where is this going?
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A bit of a shock
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Climate change and changing the climate
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Figures, figures & figures
Pipelines, Biofuels & Reserves
Expectation, projections, contradictions.
A box of Pandora?
Changing systems
A dynamical environment
Projections and reality
Changing reality
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A different reality
PPP: Prices, poverty and politics
A whirling 2007
The year of shifting balances
One world, two systems?
Oil and development?
The year 2065?
Mixed signals II
Mixed signals
A War on hold?
No Comment
Changing balances
Truth or Deception?
A fresh overview
Bigger picture first
National Interests vs. Shareholders Value
'The Dialogue'
Do we actually need to worry?

New time arising

After months of silence and taking distance it is time to continue these editorials, albeit in a new spirit.

The silence had become needed as it was not possible anymore for me to write with the necessary professional distance. I had become so deeply disgusted by the behavior of the ‘leaders of the free world’ as they call themselves, their hypocritical, lying, cheating behavior and the atrocities that have occurred as a result of this, that this had overtaken me.

Prostitute politicians is a better word for these people that talk about freedom and justice and ‘protecting the people’ with one side of their face, the face they show to the world, and cause the most horrible violence, destruction and perversities, with the other side, in obedience and subservience to the paymasters and special interests that actually are pulling the strings.

It is with a new spirit that I want to take this site and its editorials into the new time that is arising now.
Whilst the world has not seen the apocalypse that we had been told to expect (with the question arising who actually brought these ‘visions’ into the world and why..) a new time nevertheless is arriving.

In a recent conversation with a wise lady about what would now be changing, she said: ‘It will become in the future, like it was in the times of ancient Egypt, when the atmospheres on the planet were still much more conductive. At that time, people entering a city were ‘screened and measured’ by the living atmospheres of the place, and those coming with unsavory or dishonest intentions became instantly exposed and those coming with hypocrisy (or worse) got instantly ‘short-circuited’, as these characteristics were seen to be against human purpose and were therefore rejected.
It wasn’t who you were or how you looked, but it was what your intentions were and whether what you were thinking and feeling was in alignment with how humans are meant to be.’

Knowing and feeling this was indicative for the future, albeit still in very early days, it gave tremendous hope for the future.

Over the months and years the perversity and hypocrisy has gone to unprecedented levels and has been accepted and adopted by the rich and powerful as a tool for their ‘progression’ whilst presenting it with the help of the media they own (most) as ‘protecting the people’. No human force will be able to correct this pit of filth anymore. It has to come from a different, higher, source.

It is therefore with renewed energy that the work continues here and with a strong hope that something of a higher order will start to sort out the mess that has been created on this planet and starts to expose those who propagate that the chemtrails over our heads, the resource-wars (on self-created terror), the vaccination-campaigns to control the population (!), the genetically modified foods and many more of these evil undertakings, are done for the good of the people. They are not.

It is also giving hope that this will create more space again for honest, clean and decent people ‘as is meant to be’.

Looking forward,


Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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