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The Iran Hoax

The World seems to be on an inevitable path to a war between the IFUKUS-coalition and Iran.

In a carefully orchestrated dance between threat -and –dismiss talks at high level, and media-cooperation to whip up the frenzy and feed the populus the distorted facts to support ‘the right cause’, the biggest war since WW2 is being prepared.

Based on lies and deceit, corrupted international institution and wilful distortion and straight-out lies and inventions of the mass-media, Iran will likely become partly annihilated, with countless of lives lost and affected in the nuclear fall-out that will occur, and probably is intended, with its whole infrastructure in shambles, large parts of the country polluted by Depleted Uranium, causing cancers for many generations to come , and many other additional direct and lasting terrors.

And why?

Is it because Iran is refusing to use the dollar and with that undermines its global position, and therefore needs to go?

Or is it because Iran is just the next one to take over on the long road to total domination?
It is no coincidence of course that it is a large land with very rich resources. But as they don’t obey the rules of the game as set out by certain people, they need to go. Is that it?

After the war, no-one will ever be able to prove that the Iranians did NOT work on a nuclear bomb, as they have been consistent in saying, not even wanting it. The reason it will not be able to prove that they did NOT work on an N-bomb, will be because most probably the IFUKUS coalition, with or without FUKUS, will use one or more of the many nuclear bombs on store, to penetrate the mountains in which the nuclear installations of Iran are kept.

The story now goes that an old frigates is taken from the scrap-yard and brought to the right place and is being done up to be the target of a false-flag operation, which will need to look like, or at least that is what the media will tell us, that Iran has attacked and destroyed a whole frigate, with so many casualties (the names are already being gathered), and therefore the IFUKUS-coalition has the right to ‘counter’-attack Iran.

What are the real reasons for such a war? Is it because ‘the money’ can make most money by spreading threat, selling weapons, using weapons, destroying countries, ‘re-building’ countries and getting a firm hand in the resources, with vast loans everywhere?
Peace doesn’t bring Profit. Is that the reason?

The next one may fall,  ...  or not.

Seeing the speed and audacity of the Iranians, an unpleasant surprise may be waiting for those attacking.

We live in a world in which many things are exactly 180 degrees turned from what they seem to be.

Stay awake,


Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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