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Where is this going?
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A different reality
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Mixed signals
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Where is this going?

Future scenarios are mostly begotten from taking historical data over a certain period of time and extrapolating these, within acceptability, into the future.

Over the last years however, this was increasingly a cause of miscalculation and embarrassing corrections.

Human societal history has developed in a J-curve, in that the number of people on the planet was only very slowly increasing over many centuries, and then went into fast expansion, in line with the increasing availability of cheap energy and its products.

Similar it has gone with industrial emissions, in that until 1850 hardly any industry was present in the world, and in the span of just 160 years, emissions have gone up in an almost exponential way to the equivalent of the burning of 7500 mm MT of coal, 30+ billion barrel of oil, 3,5 TCM of natural gas and 2 TCM flared or vented, each year.

This of course means that the effects of the residues of this unbridled burning will also start to appear in an almost exponential way.
Climate change is a reality. Whether of time/cosmic/evolution origin or not, we cannot deny the fact that all these emissions over the last many years have been released in an virtually closed atmosphere and this will have effect, as can already be seen in the souring of the oceans and the subsequent effects on the micro-organisms at the bottom of the food-pyramid.
The fact that vast stretches of atmosphere-cleaning forests all over the planet have been uprooted, partly to make space for ‘green’ fuel, does of course not help.

This year global emissions have been rising substantially, giving rise to the thought that actually all the Kyoto- and post-Kyoto conferences, have proven to be one big fraud and festival of ego, politics and financial robbery under the mantel of trying to do something for the world. No doubt there have been many genuine people there, but the carbon-footprint and the money involved, would have better been used to save energy or provide energy for those who do not have it.

How many solar panels (pv & water) could have been provided to families around the world from the funds involved in these megalomaniac theatres?
Is there actually a will to do something, or is it all just theatre to keep the people happy and the money flowing to the increasing amount of derivative funds?

This is just one tiny part of what is currently happening, with the increasing militarisation of large parts of the planet being of greatest concern on the short to medium term, as well as the vampire-finance-monster that currently is sucking out a host of countries, some after first having removed an un-obedient obstacle.

The incredibly aggressive military and financial strangulation attempts currently under way and the hypocrisy and deception displayed by the media and the political leaders of the so-called ‘free and democratic world’, in which there seems to be no bottom to the depth of vulgarity of lies and fabrication in order to create dissent and make the cause for war, subservient to the ‘higher causes’ of those who own everything that profits from such situations, gives rise to grave concern for the future.

Where is this going?

A conventional war can be ‘forgotten’ after 50 or 100 years, but a nuclear war will be remembered by everyone for the coming many thousands of years and, as the spreading of the fall-out of the Fukushima-disaster shows, very few places will be safe from it.

What do those people think, that are driving to a pre-emptive nuclear strike, as currently is being planned? How irresponsible can a person become? How blind of hate?

On the oil & gas front everything is being prepared for several major wars in the future without too much disruption of the flow. As the US is slowly heading towards energy-independence, the rationale for future wars will change, as ‘our oil-flow was in danger’ cannot keep it up anymore. So future rationale will more head towards protecting the areas of friends and making sure the ‘others’ will get as little as possible as difficult as possible. That this does not bode well for large areas of Africa, Asia and Latin America, becomes then clear.

The world is not becoming a more friendly place, and that is not by lack of friendly people; it is more that those in control seem to head towards a certain crescendo, as well as that it is as if complete subjugation of whole world-areas, including the right to decide who will live or not, is the agenda, and this does not bode well for humanity.

We live in a matrix, in which what we think we know, is mostly determined by what others allow us to know and think, in a careful orchestration of education, information and entertainment, being moved to react to what is pre-chewed for us to react upon, being allowed to ‘think different’, we think, but ultimately most of us just being the goat (who eats anything) and sheep (who ‘meheheh’s like everyone else) we are pushed to be, often not even having a choice.

However, there seems to be a new signal occurring on the planet that pushes people to realise again that they DO have a choice and that they CAN think for themselves and can do something against this encroaching darkness, in whatever way they can, because it is becoming clear that something DIFFERENT is needed, and that little lights can chase away even the heaviest darkness.

And that gives hope..

Stay (a)light,


P.s.: Responses are always welcome at

Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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