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Where is this going?
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A bit of a shock
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A different reality
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Mixed signals
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Truth or Deception?
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National Interests vs. Shareholders Value
'The Dialogue'
Do we actually need to worry?

Where is this going? -2

As the slow drums of war are warming up, the howling wolves are getting ready to tear everything and everyone apart in the name of Freedom.
Whilst making terrorism look like freedom-activism and destabilization and destruction as peace-initiatives, a whole lot of countries is now being lined up for getting involved in the next war, that will not just hit Syria, but most likely will extend far beyond these borders.

The long term goal of this coming wider Middle East-war seems to be the complete destruction of the existing order, and by instigating seemingly religious/sect-inclined violence and mutual atrocities, in the end forcing all different factions and religions to retreat in tribal areas of likes, and thus breaking down the different countries to the level of tribalism.

As any ‘helpingly’ installed governments will be made lame by in-built contradictions and infighting, everything becomes easy to control and all tribes will be reduced to minimal existence for the coming generations, with in-built hate for other religions or factions.

As afterwards everyone will be very busy to rebuild their existence and to deal with the suddenly occurring massive amounts of child-cancers, birth-defects and many other ‘new’ bugs and radiation-related diseases, they will basically be reduced to subservient milk-cows.
(Although not-to-be-touched in case of radiation-poisoning.)

Whether it will spill over to Iran, needs to be seen, although it is said that Iran will be attacked later this year to let the current US President look like a softy shortly before the coming elections.

This will mean many more millions of peoples’ lives are going to be destroyed for generations to come.

For what? To bring Peace?

At the same time ‘the Markets’ seem suddenly to have discovered that much too much oil is being produced for the current economic situation and the price is plummeting, much to the chagrin of most producing countries.

Looking at this ‘suddenly’ occurring situation of the crashing oil-price a bit more closely, we can see how ‘other Agenda’s’ are driving ‘the Market’, as it was already for more than 1,5 year clear that the market was ‘well supplied’, as already then portrayed by the President of OPEC and others.
However ‘the Market’ and ‘The Pundits’ and ‘the Press’ all were talking up the price by using either Peak Oil or demand-increase, and none of it was true.

This says that ‘something’ that is able to coordinate the press and the markets for a third purpose is pulling the strings, something that is also helping to prepare for war, by the weakening of the ‘others’ by suddenly strongly reducing their income.


Currently preparations for a wider Middle East-war are going on, as well as a rapidly increasing military deployment, in many formats, in all resource-rich areas in Africa and an increasing militarisation of the ‘Wars on Everything’ in evermore Latin-American countries.

On the Eurasian Continent the amount of hotspots created over the last several years are too much to account here, and Myanmar and Malaysia seem to be next for destabilisation and the ‘guided’ transformation to tribalism and subsequent sell-out.

All at the same time.

Why is this and who is financing all this, and why?

Vast stretches of the Planet will be destroyed and irreversibly damaged by radiation for the coming millennia, many millions of people will perish and generations to come will live in misery and poverty, all because of what?

Can anyone explain?

Stay clear!



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Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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