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Where is this going? – 3

Whilst the world seems to be ever more sliding into a cesspool of induced violence and deliberate deconstruction of economies and whole world-regions, the question ‘Where is this going?’ seems ever more relevant but more difficult to answer.

It is still quite astonishing to see how our ‘democratically chosen’ ‘leaders of the free world’ that profess freedom, democracy and ‘care for the people’ have become the proponents of betrayal and deception and the great instigators of terror and destruction against sovereign countries of the world that have done nothing else than ‘standing in the way of progression’.

How this so-called progression is defined is of course a good question, but it seems very much that the kind of progression some are talking of is nothing else than an agenda of subjugating everyone and everything which still has a mind of its own and therefore is resisting the agenda of ‘freedom’ that is enforced upon them.

What the definition of freedom is for those enforcing it upon others is of course also a good question, as this so-called freedom is ever more enforced by ‘freedom-fighters’ that kill anyone and anything in sight upon which the sovereign forces, defending themselves, can be accused of terror, unleashing the ‘dogs of War’ of the international Media whipping up the frenzy and fabricating the stories to justify an all-out war.

Reading a great many different sources for this site, it is easy to see how these stories, whether on weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons or chemical- and bio-weapons, are initiated in some media-outlets (as ‘concern’ by an ‘expert’ or an accusation from an ‘official’ or a ‘freedom-fighter’) and then gets copied and blown up by ever more media, thus creating a picture of fear upon which ‘needs to be responded’ (to protect the people!) by more violence.

When one however asks: who actually benefits of these stories, which often turn out to be distasteful fabrications at best but more often straight-out lies coming from the by now well-trodden path of ‘accusing others of what one has caused oneself’ (including massacres, suicide-bombers, indiscriminate killing of civilians and now the soon-to-be-expected attacks with chemical weapons), it often leads to the body attached to the hand with the accusingly pointing finger.

As most media are basically owned by the same group of people that is driving this agenda of ‘freedom and progression’, they have become very useful in ‘informing’ the people and preparing everyone for the atrocities that are apparently needed to bring the kind of freedom and progression they seem to cherish.

The world is becoming a debased place, driven into destitution by a small group of very powerful people that seem to own most ‘elected’ governments, in which many or most politicians have become prostitutes, that profess love to the people and their land but in reality are paid dogs of war or deception driving a completely different agenda, making sure they and their paymasters gain enormously but the people pay the price.

We, the people, have become ‘cattle’ that is carefully steered into believing that ‘the government’ is doing all it can, but in reality are being deliberately debilitated, diseased and (debt-)enslaved for as long as is possible, to extort as much out of us as possible, before we, or our children, are sent to the slaughterhouses they create, making sure that, before we can discover what actually is going on, we are too deep in, or too diseased, to do anything about it.

A small ray of hope is that the truly independent media seem to reach out to more people these days, giving the opportunity to find out what reality looks like outside the matrix. The problem then however is that this reality does not only look very differently, and quite ugly (as most of the ‘truths’ need to be turned around 180 degrees to come anywhere near reality), but that then the question arises: what can we do about it?  And there is not really an answer (yet) to that question.

Knowing is one thing, doing something about it is something completely different.
Maybe something else will.

Stay strong,


Comments (1) Aug 25, 2012 11:08 AM
Thank for the enlightment.The world is going to spin faster thru knoledge we learn everyday.As the wheels of knowledge spread in the free media people are going to come to grip to the reality of all the lies behind the ones that profest freedom and enslave the world with wars and misery aand all the illness that comes with them.
Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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