EEM 5-11: The Billion-Barrel-Per-Day Question

Recently, in the midst of loads of information about the global gas and oil developments, there was this one quote from a trader, being that the amount of crude traded at the NYMEx now exceeded 1 billion barrel per day.
This means that each and every day the complete global production is traded at least twelve times on just this Exchange.

Knowing that only a fraction of the global daily crude production is traded over the Exchanges, and only a fraction there from, albeit a substantial one, is traded via New York, it is anybody’s guess how often a barrel is being recycled, or is being taken for ‘round-trips’ these days.
Even if 10 million barrels of physical oil per day would be traded via the NYMEx it would mean that each and every barrel is traded at least 100 times between offerer and off-taker.

As there are quite a few exchanges all over the world, and still most oil is on the long term contracts, the amount of times the remaining barrels are being traded could be in the hundreds of times each and every day again. Very few will know.
As overview has gone lost already quite some time ago, and those doing the trading do not gain from the publication of such data, it is rare to come by.

Over the last years there have been many occasions that there were noises that speculation was one of the root causes of price increases, but every time again some pundits or some high level official came with another, seemingly realistic, explanation. Speculation was never the culprit, it was either geological, or political, or geo-strategic grounds that were the real reason, so we were told.

As written about earlier, it looks like there is an ever greater schism between the actual situation and the one that is being portrayed.
This is not only the case with oil, but occurs at even greater scale at many levels and subjects.

The last two years the world clearly was in a situation of ‘over-supply’ or ‘under-demand’ or, as OPEC stated it: ‘The market is very well supplied’, meaning there was a surplus in the system.

Nevertheless, the prices kept rising and are currently hovering at an artificially high level, only supported by massive manipulation.

And whilst the crude prices have not yet reached new records, the prices of transportation and heating fuels are now substantially above levels even seen in mid-2008.

So can we say that we are being ripped off? It certainly seems so.

It would be easy to leave it at that and just conclude that we (the ‘normal’ people) are being lied to and our money is being stolen by overcharging in combination with scare stories about how either supply is being disrupted, or how some countries are consuming so much.

But it is too easy to just look at the surface and then conclude that everything is rotten or manipulated and just continue our day.

What is happening and why?

The picture is highly complex with many overlays and quite some hidden agendas and activities, but in the end is quite simple.

It is about money, very large amounts of money, much of which probably with disputable background that is being used to bring ever more money from the bottom of the pyramid to the top, where it disappears to unknown destinies.

It concerns a financial system that is heavily out of balance and is being / has been hijacked to fulfil the need (or greed?) of the financial elite that is ever more the governing force in ever more countries.

It is about power and the determination of which countries will survive, which ones are due to be controlled, which ones to be conquered and which ones made ready for ‘change’, or simply being taken apart.

It is about the media and the role of the money-controlled media, or mainstream media, in the determination of the destinies of many countries, and how and in what way news is brought or withheld, or political analysis is being used, flawed or mis-used.

It is about the role of the media in making the un-acceptable turn acceptable, or the close-to-perverse seem normal, as well as their role in creating dissent in countries and between countries, or chasing away ‘unwanted’ politicians (or bankers or even presidents and the like), hyping up scare scenarios, or creating diversions by either making much noise about certain things or no noise about other.
And that is not even looking at the complete fabrications that are being spun to make the case for war, or to make an illegal war look like a service to humanity.

The role of the media is one that is grossly underestimated in their (political) influence and the influence they have on the general perception and sense of well-being that the citizens at large experience.

But there is more.

This is also about the working ‘hand-in-glove’, or collusion, between the different factions of foreign policy, media and financial industry that can be seen and the way that by specific usage of pundits or experts and by artificial hypes or media campaigns, countries are driven into very specific directions that are in line with the deeper agendas that are much more difficult to discern.

And it is about these deeper agendas that slowly start to be visible and that play an ever more discerning and deciding role in where countries are going and how.

And it is about ‘freedom and democracy’ and how both of these words have become distorted in their meaning and usage, and are often being used in ensuring exactly the opposite, as currently can be seen in the happenings in the MENA area.

We have entered a time in which many of the ‘good words’ have been perverted in their usage and are turning into exactly the opposite as they are meant to be.

If a country is seeing itself becoming subject to campaigns for a free press, it mostly means that their indigenous press will be bought up by the money-controlled press, or the M-C press is massively entering the country, starting to heavily influence politics in order to make the country more susceptible to take-over (either by the banks or of its industry and politics).

The countries that have been graced by being targeted for more ‘freedom’, now are already almost a decade under war (and quite a few will be following) with their infrastructure thoroughly destroyed, their political class corrupted and their resources stolen, not even speaking about permanent presence of ‘instructors’ and ‘trainers’ and de-facto subjugation for the decades to come.

The collateral damage going with these ‘striving for freedom and democracy’ being that large parts of the country are now covered in the residues of depleted-uranium-ammunition that will poison the country, its air and water for the coming millennia, causing massive increase in birth defects and many forms of cancer, bring untold suffering to large groups of innocent people, destroying the genetic sanctity of many generations, as well as putting a heavy burden upon the health-care institutions and their finances, as well as on the many families involved.

Those are the side-effects of what some call bringing ‘freedom and democracy’.

The truth is mightily distorted, as we now know it was about Iraq and Afghanistan, as we can see about Pakistan, or the ‘liberation theatres’ in the Middle East, or the ‘mercenary-attack-turned-into-invasion-and-grand-theft’, but called ‘humanitarian intervention’, in Libya.

The difference between truth and reality is often very big and these days are often lying almost opposite of each other.

It is the picture of ‘divide and rule’

It is a picture that can be seen turning up in many places these days: Europe is being divided and individual countries driven into bankruptcy (to be bought up and even more controlled later); Eastern Europe and the western FSU countries are being targeted for submission and instrumentalization against ‘enemies’;  Central Asia is targeted for obliteration by the means of ‘extremist’ and the ‘necessary response’ and to be put under control in the greater scheme of ‘defence against aggressors’ and to ensure that the natural resources are either under control or will become unreachable for others; quite some other countries, especially in Africa and Latin America, can be looking forward to an increase of ‘extremist’ violence (under many guises and names), that of course need very massive ‘counter-strategies’ to ensure ‘vital interests’.

What currently is appearing is a multi-pronged forwarding of destabilizations that will weaken many countries and their internal unity and stability, bankrupt others and bring military surveillance upon others, all in a scheme that is aimed at, over time, to control vast land masses, resources and water, whilst sovereignty and self determinations will be things of the past.

In other words, we are looking at a global scheme that aims at ‘divide and rule’ large part of the planet and its resources, reduce the amount of people using these resources and controlling the rest.

It is difficult to see, but by putting the pieces of the puzzle together that are appearing for quite some years, this seems to be the scenario at play at the moment.

The Entrance of a New Time

When in the year 2000 the Western, mostly Christian, world entered into a new millennium, there was a lot of upheaval about the possibility of the Y2K bug that was feared to bring many machines, computers and industries either to a grinding halt or to explosion.
But none of these things happened and life continued almost as before, now in a new millennium.

Some people spoke about the Aquarian age that would govern the world and humanity for the coming millennia in which very different influences would be at play.

Others speak of the Silver Epoch now entering, with increasingly very different influences than the ‘Gold Epoch’ that is now slowly to be left behind, including its workings in us humans.

The Gold Epoch found its origins several thousand years ago and gave expressions to things like the Roman Empire, other very large power structures, and more in our time the very large corporations (with subsequent slavery), the rise of the superpowers, vast control-and-own mechanisms, the global banking structure and much more, which have as common features their vastness in combination with (often ruthless) control, multinationality, the drive to control vast land, resources, money and/or massive amounts of people, and keeping them, often with all means, legal or not, under subjugation, basically building, maintaining and strengthening the principle of ‘the few rule the many’.

Over the last decades we have seen this trend go into overdrive and excessiveness, resulting in the shameless thievery that most of the financial system has been entering into, the ever further concentration of power in just a few hands of institutes, banks, energy companies, contractors, military and chemical industries, media and some other.
Also the obscene profits, excessive boni, grotesque ownings (cars, yachts, houses, etc.) and the general striving of those involved in ensuring that, no matter how, these ways are continued and expanded reinforcing the trend of ‘ever more in ever fewer hands’.

These Gold Epoch influences are of a level and origin far above planetary and the human is responding to them in a more or less strong way. We are all subject to them, but have a choice of responding, as we humans have been given the option of choice to what we respond or not.

Other things that belong to this time is the trend of centralization (at many levels and in many ways), domination (also at many levels and in many ways), oppression, control, the often ruthless exploitation of human and natural resources, the vast scale destruction of natural habitat, the mono-cultures in agriculture and forestry, the irresponsible fishing practices, the wasteful usage of energy and water, or the abjectional growth-factories for animals and the de-humanized industrial side of this.

In short: We are looking at the outgoing ends of the Gold Epoch, in which the ‘Gold Beast’ frenzies itself up to a last-ditch attempt at survival, with subsequent excessiveness in property, money- owning and -spending, control and subjugation, trying to continue its play of control and ‘divide and rule’ and to make sure the scheme continues as it has been going on since hundreds of years; concentrating the wealth in ever fewer hands whilst making sure the populace is kept under (mind-) control by the usage of the popular media, newspapers, internet, television, radio, movies and the like, as well as by reducing their remunerations, as a result of which ever more people need to work ever harder, ever more hours with ever more stress, whilst receiving ever less money for it, so that everyone is kept busy by their struggle for survival or is enticed by the system of numbing (and ever more perverted) entertainment.

In short: Most people these days live, work, consume and then die, having been useful in maintaining or growing the system, as well as adding to the wealth of the wealthy.
Social structures are eroded, political structures corrupted and the financial structures ‘trimmed to optimal usage’ (and maximizing profit).

With the entering of the new time, the Aquarian age, the Silver Epoch, different influences are entering our planet (and our consciousness) that are aimed at a very different way of development that the human race apparently is meant to take.


It is said to be and become the time that individual consciousness will be rising, more and easy communication between people will occur (Internet etc.) as well as that the times will enhance the small and flexible structures, the individual rising and development and bring a greater consciousness about and respect for nature, natural frequencies, habitats and ways of living, and a greater over-all awareness about the place of humans on this planet and a growing consciousness of the purpose of humans living on Earth.

These are the influences that will be natural and enhancing in the coming decennia and possibly centuries, with an ever greater increase of the potencies of these signals ‘forcing’ their way into the planet and into the humans (in many cases ‘whether we like it or not’). These are influences of a very high denomination that carry the codings and genetics of the future that is coming our way.

But as we are still in the outgoing flavours of the dominant Gold Epoch, with certain influences (human or otherwise) that will do almost anything to survive or perpetuate, we are looking at what can be seen as ‘final spasms’ of an outdated and ‘dying’ beast which can be very dangerous and destructive.

What we currently see in several of the ‘global structures’ is that the superpower(s), the financial ‘service’ industry, agro-industry, and many of the mega-corporations, are starting to feel the changing times but use any means possible to extend their control, expand their control, with seemingly ever increasing vigilance, whilst at other levels ever more people start to see and feel that the times of change are arriving, that different development ways are needed, for people as well communities and countries, based on mutual respect and enhancement, fairness, and in ways that are natural to humans, animals and nature itself.

So we see an outdated, autocratic, dominant and manipulative system that steals from the masses and enriches the few, whilst destroying anything and anyone that it cannot subjugate, whilst seeking to control and use the natural resource, be it energy, water or other essentials, for its own enrichment, whilst portraying it to be ‘for the people”.

This has many forms and faces, but all have similar features that indicate that a small minority controls a vast majority, which can be seen at all levels of life, from media, to food, to energy, to water, to money, to the markets.

These are the kind of massive structures that currently control large parts of the world (and are striving to control or subjugate the rest) that increasingly will be confronted with influences that make clear that these massive structures of control (and greed) are a thing of the past.

Heavy and dominant is a thing of the past, light and flexible is in the coming.

How does this look like and where and how can it be seen?
And what does it have to do with the oil, gas and energy industry and development?

One of the first examples of how the new influence works itself through humans could be seen into the occurrence of the first wave of micro-credits. This started with one man who began giving small credits (on light commercial basis) to poor people with initiative, to help them to climb the ladder towards self-help and independence and which became a great success for all parties.

Subsequently, it also became clear that ‘the market’ started to notice this success and gradually moved into this niche as well but with very different motives and therefore results.
It was a new-time initiative that got ‘taken back’ by old-time superstructures which for a great deal killed the initiative due to the many excesses, aberrations and misdemeanours.

Another way of seeing the small, light and flexible finding its way is in the solar packages that far away communities were able to get and install, therefore gaining independence from a not-yet-existing grid and from the burden from not-being-able-to-do due to absence of electricity.

It can also be seen in the discovery that the ‘normal’ ecologically responsible,  relative small-scale agriculture is winning back space in the hearts and minds of the people and in the growing amount of local markets that are increasingly providing an alternative for the abusive massive- scale agriculture and its mass-markets or malls.

And it can be seen in trends that vast structures, countries and organizations become ever more inert, immovable, moved away from reality, oppressive and doomed to fail, whilst small structures, local initiatives, regional co-operations, outside of the existing structures are turning up in countries and regions, opening the way for trades and contacts and co-operations that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

It can be seen in the different social-network features on the Internet, as well as the Internet itself, allowing for wide-range individual developments and initiatives between people. (Even if the ‘social networks’ these days seem more to be ‘hijacked back’ to be used in covert operations to control the destinies of a host of countries.)

It can also be seen in the growing awareness of ever more people that the system of ‘control and governance’ is on its way out, or on its way to fundamental change, as becomes clear that many systems have gone rotten and corrupt beyond repair and that new ways need to be found, for governance but also for the financial needs of life.

And it can be seen in the multitude of ways people these days can chose from taking care of their health and well-being (many moving away from the classic medical way), as well as the multitude of ways these days that are possible to chose (at least in many richer/more ‘developed’ countries) how to heat and light up your house. The trend is towards small, individual and fitting to the personal needs.

All these, and many more, are occurring since quite some years by now in which diversification, individualistic, local or small group or region are often the underlying tendencies.

Even whilst in most cases still small or almost indistinguishable against the massive structures that still govern the planet, the trend can be seen and felt.

And whilst, after thousands of years of unrelenting influence and dominance, the new influence of the Silver Epoch is just starting its journey into the consciousness of the people, with the ‘old order’ fighting to hold on, time is moving on and irrevocably and irresistibly the heavy dominance and control is due to fall apart, whilst new structures that cater for the needs of the future get born and will find their way towards the people that will find out that new ways and means, and ways of thinking and feeling, and new values and visions, are needed for a more natural, healthy and conscious life, for themselves and on this planet.

(The terms Gold- and Silver Epoch have only so far to do with the metals that gold is heavy and is found in clumps and nuggets, whilst silver, being also very conductive, is light and flexible and is found in veins, both depicting the nature of the epoch they represent.)

Entering a New Time

What does this all mean for the gas and oil industry?

As the old system will be crumbling and having spasms, causing widespread economic downturn and multiple violence scenarios, with a range of producer-countries in disarray, in different levels of revolutions or under attack, then this has an effect on the global energy demand and supply.

There seems to be a scheme going on of causing widespread destabilization and violence-counter-violence-scenarios in different stages of acceleration in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Currently, somewhat in the background but continually present, are the movements for the ‘isolation’ of several of the countries with very rich resources or high-potential economies in the East, South and the North.

With climatic and planetary changes most likely causing widespread disruptions and to-be-expected cosmic outbursts disrupting power- and communication-infrastructures, it is very likely that demand will go down, probably even considerably.

It is also expected that, under normal circumstances, supply will go in decline in the coming years (supply-loss-due-to-depletion taking over new-production-coming-online).

With several Middle-Eastern and African countries coming under either destabilization, attack, or ‘responsibility-to-protect-drone-surveillance’,  and with the destabilization of several of the main world-producers under way for break-up or ‘regime-alteration’, this may cause much production-capacity to be taken offline.

If the markets are not being restrained the prices will be brought to excessively high levels.

Speculation is completely out of hand and is lacking any oversight, causing multiple black schemes and roundtrip scenarios to thrive, adding out-of-proportionally to the prices.

The high prices will add to already the immense suffering caused by the coming events, natural or economic, or other.

Over the years, local trade, local agriculture, regional trade (and local currencies?) will start to flourish whilst trade with far and foreign destination will be reduced.

As the excessive food- and energy-prices, the unravelling economies and the erratic power- and communication-networks will take their toll especially in the middle and lower incomes, poverty levels will rise in many countries and energy- and consumables-consumption will be reduced.

Unless stopped, the financial elite and their long-term friends will play an important role in the extortion, control or depletion of countries and regions, causing countries to go bankrupt and regions to be destabilized or taken apart, with the costs borne by the people.

It is an ugly picture appearing, with a small super elite directing, and currently mainly destroying, the destinies of a large amount of countries, governments and economies, creating wars or violence to create wars, with a media in collusion to ‘flood and degenerate’ the population so they can be used to whip up frenzies and with that influence policies and politics.

And whilst the few are milking the many, there is an awakening that things will need to change: That life can be simple if it is filled with the right things and that a simple, clean life does not need too many attractions or distractions, nor needs to be filled up with commercials laced with some film-fragments and the generally degenerative contents currently in the media.

Not only driven by a declining availability of resources, there will grow an awareness that whatever we gain in life in physical form (money, goods, properties) we cannot take with us to ‘the other side’.

There is also a growing awareness that the way we live our life and our state of mind are the factors that play an even greater role than genetics in determining the quality of our health.

All this has large implications for the future.

Whilst in the coming years oil and gas reserves will probably suffice, supply may be subject to large-scale disruptions.
At the same time, a wide-spread ‘bursting bubbles’-reality may be setting in, so we may also see a widespread reduction in energy-usage.

Whether over-supply or under-demand, or under-supply or over-demand will be at the order of the day will depend on the severity of the disruptions and the severity of demand reduction.

The expanding war theatres will however certainly compensate for some of the energy-demand reduction caused by the destruction of the social- or economic-activity infrastructures.


In the end it will not be the insatiable greed of the power elite that will cause the system to falter.

In the end it will be the rising consciousness of the people that realize they do not want to be sheeple (sheep people) anymore and will start to build up the ways that are natural to the human, the planet and the times.

By the time this will start to rise, oil demand will likely be reduced substantially, and may stay reduced for a longer time due to the general (economic, natural & violence) disarray in combination with a reduced (consuming) population that will struggle for survival.

As the old and massive structure will ever more break up, and the planet is going through a period of rapid change, there will be those that will seek to live in a more natural and respectful way, and there will be those that will practice agriculture in a humane and natural way, and there will be those that will promote education that enhances the unique individual features and qualities in the person, preparing the younger lives to live, not just to be productive, and there will be those that will find new ways of doing business, in which a word is a word, a contract a contract, and a barrel of oil a barrel of oil, and honesty will be a virtue again and not a weakness.

Stay sane.



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