EEM 6-11 Bridging Contemplations

In this sixth issue of EEM, the seventh in this series (which started with: Long-Term Energy Security: Quo Vadis?), it will be attempted to set out the direction for the future.

This publication is meant to reveal some of the less known aspects in the global energy-related developments, as well as give an analysis and evaluation about their direction and (long-term) consequences.

It will also be attempted to bring in new ways of thinking, attitudes and values that will be an indication for what the future will need.

Starting up

We are currently in historic times, awaiting some of the greatest developments this planet and the human race has ever seen or survived, that bear great hope for the future, as in the rubble of the remains of our soon-to-collapse society lie the seeds for a future as we can hardly imagine these days, one that will be more in line with the natural laws of the planet and this universe, rather than be subject to the degenerated and perverted ways of those who call themselves our leaders and their ways of how they think a society should be (which is mainly to take or maintain total control over others whilst making sure the ‘subjects’ are debilitated and pliable, so they can be used in maintaining and expanding control and profit).

The future will look very, very different, and the way towards it and the time until it is here, might turn out to be quite tough for many.

To set the scene

The world seems to slide ever faster into an abyss of moral degeneration and perversion, in which some countries seem to have the right to determine the fate of many others, or else they become subject to engendered revolution, hordes of black-dog mercenaries or bombardments with depleted uranium, all in the name of humanity and freedom, whilst in reality mainly to wreak havoc, destabilize and making sure to disable in many ways for a long time to come.
Of course, the resources, the geostrategic position or the banking system are incorporated on the way.

But what actually does want to happen? How does the society of the future look like? And how is humanity going to go through or come through a period in which cosmic changes, planetary changes and climate changes will worsen the devastation the human itself has caused, such as poisoned land, depleted aquifers, acid oceans and vanishing forests, alongside its own debilitation?

What new ways and means need to be developed so there is a chance that the human race will survive as humans, and possibly even developed humans, instead of sheeple (sheep people) subject to the scheme of a few self-proclaimed economic ‘gods’?

It is clear that currently we are not only at the end of an epoch, one of ‘grand control’, with all its excesses and misdemeanours which have become a real threat to the survival of the planet and its ecology, but also at the beginning of a new one.

As these epochs go over periods of several thousands of years, it is very natural that the ‘running out/fading out’ of one period takes quite some time/years, whilst also the ‘coming alive’ of the new period will take time, giving us humans the time needed to adapt to the new natural ways.

Currently, large parts of the world seem in deep trouble or will see deep trouble coming.

Europe is close to unravelling, although it may take some time before it will be allowed to happen (probably the moment some people will be able to gain most financial advantage from it), the US is coming ever closer to a total collapse with subsequent internal warfare and totalitarian regimes, Africa at large is doing well at some points but is and will be targeted for submission and hidden (attempts at) colonization, as will Latin America.

What however the effects will be of a collapse of the US economy and the trashing of the dollar on the emerging economies in the Middle East and East is difficult to see.

Certainly oil and gas will be needed in the future, but probably very strongly reduced, as economies recovering from a bankruptcy, or near bankruptcy, with changing currency, will see strongly reduced (economic) activity and transport and therefore oil demand.

This might mean that the current glut in the oil market may become substantially larger, with lower(ing) prices for the future, not giving much chance for recovery to the countries that find themselves with sovereign funds in dollars that have become worthless.

Or, it might mean that there will be shortage in the market, even whilst living through a strong economic contraction, because as it looks like now, most of the OPEC countries are in for ‘regime alteration’, with almost the whole Middle East in turmoil or on its way towards that path, the African producers also hampered by ‘terrorist groupings’ and the Latin American producers under covert attack or destabilization or simply overthrown.
The trends of now do give some indication of the future, even if it cannot be extrapolated.

Scenarios developing

Looking at this last scenario, it would mean that most energy consumer countries might find themselves in a situation of peak oil. Not necessarily because there are no oil reserves anymore, or that production capacity is not sufficient, but much more because all meaningful production capacity has been taken off-line, either by revolution- or terrorist movement.

Only the US, which, with its regular oil and gas, its shale gas, shale oil, deepwater oil and gas and the large quantities of coal and the heavy oil with its neighbours may be in a situation of self-sustenance and relative independence.
However, here it will be the internal revolutions and the many weapons amongst the people that might prevent a national economy - and recovery.

Energy and its availability may be one of the worries of tomorrow, but it will be only one of them, as we already see the first signs of other coming catastrophes that will have substantial consequences for the population at large.

As can be read from the articles in the Climate and Environment section in Oil Around, the amount of storms and droughts and floods is increasing substantially and large areas in several places in the US (dustbowl), Africa, Asia (China, India) and Europe (South) will become uninhabitable in the future, due to the combination of over-extensive usage of non-renewable water sources and changes in the planetary climate system (partly caused by humans).

This may also mean that much agricultural capacity will get destroyed due to these changes.
And as the sub-structures of the small and localized agricultural support structures have largely been destroyed to give control to the ‘free market’ with its enforced industrialized food- and fuel-factories that generally have a very different water- and carbon footprint, it may be found hard to go back to the locally adapted naturalized way of producing food for the people.

Much knowledge and experience has been lost over time since the so called ‘green’ revolution, which may have brought some more food and products to the markets, but which has also played a major role in the poisoning of land and people, as well as in enforcing ways and (economic debt-) systems upon the people, and the great and dangerous loss of genetic variation (which would make every region have their own kind of food crops adapted to the regional and climatological circumstance, giving much greater possibility to adapt to a changing climate).

Making a tour through the world one could say that:

- The US may reach energy independence, will see massive drought (and some flooding problems),  is moving to ‘include’ its neighbours Canada and Mexico but is at risk of collapse through military overreach, strong devaluation of the dollar, as well as internal revolution and mass-scale suppression.

- Middle and South America will increasingly come under military pressure and intended destabilization, especially those economies that follow a different economic path (more ‘socialist’, whatever that may mean these days) and those countries with substantial resources.
Brazil may find itself to become ‘of vital interest’, which of course needs to be ‘defended’.

- North Africa is in turmoil and in the process of being taken over (again) with one small group resisting these movements, (as a result being vilified by the media).
This small group may however become the kernel of a new mass movement which may cause a substantial change in direction, as soon as the fallacy of the current ‘liberation movements’ becomes clear. This may have vast repercussions for North Africa and the Middle East, should this alternative movement really catch fire, chasing away the crusaders.

- Sub-Saharan Africa will see a multitude of scenarios developing with much violence in most resource rich countries, especially in those that cannot be controlled completely, and much interference in those countries with seemingly arable and fertile land.
Those countries that have no role of importance to play in either the energy- or agricultural scheme might be left relatively untouched, apart from the entrance of the ‘enhanced medical science’ bringing vaccination campaigns and medical supplies that will cause much suffering, many unwarranted dead children and adults, and huge after-costs for decades to come.

- In the Middle East it is very likely that unrest will spread, seeing the destabilization campaigns on the way even against Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and it looks like large parts of the Middle East will find themselves in a situation similar to Syria at the moment. This will mean that it is very likely that substantial production capacity will be brought off-line, this coming on top of the effects the strong devaluation of the dollar will bring.

- Central Asia and Eastern Europe are currently being instrumentalized in setting up a ‘threat- or attack scenario’ on Russia, in which these countries have largely lost their sovereignty and the people are becoming pieces on the chessboard towards supporting the fantasies of total control and domination that the current ‘world-elite & -rulers’ seem to have.

- East and Southeast Asia may become another attempted war theatre if the current encirclement of China is being allowed to play out. Several of the Asian countries or regions will see separatist movements arising, overtly or covertly supported from outside, with the aim to destabilize and weaken.

If it however becomes more known that the nuclear disaster of Fukushima was not a natural disaster hitting incompetence, but in reality a very devious kind of false-flag attack (with nature being pointed as the causer), then this may change the geopolitical situation very substantially.

The full article about what really happened in Fukushima can be read in Oil Around (“Fukushima may have been caused by an act of war”), but it suffices here to say that there are substantial incongruities between the official version of a 9.0 on Richter scale earthquake with subsequent tsunami, and quite some video- and film-material that show the tsunami hitting land but all houses and cars and people being undamaged, with even wooden houses and older concrete buildings still standing without any trace of damage, and people walking around as if everything is normal. Those two facts do not fit together.

There is much more to this than the eyes can see immediately (read the article!).

We may therefore prepare ourselves for very unstable times, in which the chimera of lust for power and control, in combination with financial parasitism, will spread its tentacles to almost all corners of the world in an attempt to subjugate as much as possible, or else...
This may continue even after the collapse of the dollar and the US economy, driven by the vast resources that have been shovelled off-shore, constituting much money stolen from the people, as well as vast funds made in the process of the ‘war on drugs’.

This instable and quite unsavoury situation may be our companion for the coming decade or more to come, exacerbated by the changes at planetary level due to either climate change (human induced or not) or cosmic changes playing out here on Earth.

Many will perish and much suffering can be expected due to the combination of the above, before stabilization and a new societal arising can be expected.

When the balances will be restored and stability is returning, new structures may be arising that will allow a more natural way of living of the human on this planet, and of humans with each other, in a natural response to planetary and universal ways and means and in line with the purpose of human life on this planet.

But this may still take time.

The times to come

In the meantime, there will be quite some situations to deal with, such as severe economic crises in many places, much instability and many war-like situations, water shortage, possible food shortage (or very much driven up prices) and increasingly very explosive political situations in many countries.

Especially the latter, the political situation in many countries, may take its toll on many people in many ways.
Most countries have become completely dependent on ‘the market’ and when the outlook for profit is not good enough, countries can and will be robbed from their savings and crown jewels, as is currently happening in a host of countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

This will only continue as long as the people in those countries are lulled into defeatism by the media. But if, as is currently happening, the role of the media is becoming more visible, movements may arise to rid the media from these insidious influences as well as that movements can be expected to rid the political scenery of the actual and moral rot it has been showing over the last (many) years.
This of course may lead to revolution-similar situations in countries that hitherto were known for their ‘stability’ or allegiance to the ‘masters’.

The current political class in many (if not most) countries has become so intertwined with the dominant powers and their financial interests that only a very serious cleaning up has a chance of finding the agreements of the awakening population.
Of course, great care then needs to be taken that the ‘regime alterations’, as they are wished for by the people, will not be instrumentalized in unseen ways to make sure that the faces change, but not the policies (as is now attempted in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and the like).

The way ahead

Taking an overall look at the developments as they are unravelling at the moment, it can be said that we are on a way that only can lead to chaos, poverty, subjugation and mass-deprivation of either freedom, energy, water or food, with basically seemingly no viable solution in sight, other than that which is allowed to rain upon us from the higher echelons of power and finance.
An honest politician these days is (almost) an oxymoron and a not-corrupt leader almost an impossibility, elections are determined by foreign-financed or –determined media and the maintaining of position or power has become much more important than what is best for the country or its people. This seems often to get the least consideration.

Many countries say or think they are free until they would want something that is out of line with what is allowed for them.
Discussing this theme with my 15-year old nephew from the Netherlands, I challenged him to get an idea about what would happen if the people in the Netherlands would want to get rid of the nuclear weapons on their soil. It became very clear that this would not be a decision that can be taken by the people as they would find themselves in the cross-hairs with the mass media, who would very quickly turn this wish around, and partly against them.

And so there are many countries that seem to be free but have no chance of self-determination.

If the people in Germany, which is basically still an occupied country, would want to ask their ‘Trans-Atlantic Partner’ to dissolve the army bases and take the weapons with them on their way home, Germany would find itself in very dire circumstances, in which foreign supported politicians and foreign supported media would ensue a ‘battle of freedom’ that will result in no changes at all or in a country even more adamant to keep the ‘friends from overseas’ to ensure stability and freedom and democracy.

In this, Europe has become a gathering of countries of which most have very little to say about their own future and most are under a continued threat of destabilization and deliberate debilitation.

It is clear that this is not a situation that can, nor will, survive in the future.

Also here there are two diverging (and competing) lines of development; one being the continuation of the schemes as they are unfolding and on the other hand the awakening of the people that increasingly get the sense that something new, something clean and unspoilt is needed, as it does not exist yet on a large scale these days.

In the near future we will see that the driving forces and the people will increasingly become estranged from each other, possibly leading to unexpected election outcomes or, if this does not suffice, mass movements until things move in the way wanted or seen as needed by the population at large.

That such scenarios are and will be subject to manipulation and interference is clear, but after some time, in line with the growing consciousness, people will not be fooled anymore and will start to change society. The big question is then where the changes will lead to or by what the changes will be inspired by.

Because as it is clear that the current line of development of the human race on this planet is non-sustainable and self-destructive, so it is also clear that thinking about the alternatives for the future is hardly existing and subject to much interpretation.

Unless we actually start to see that the current ways will lead to, in many cases, irreparable damage to the planet, its eco-system and the human race itself, the thinking about alternatives will be haphazard and half-hearted at best, as any real alternatives would mean substantial changes in our attitudes and ways, which may be uncomfortable in the beginning.

Mostly people do want to change things, as long as nothing changes for real.
This will soon not anymore be an option.

No more

How long do we still want to put up with the fact that the world is run - for a large part - by the financial industry and its cohorts in which speculation with the basic necessities of people (energy, food, water) is a legitimate occupation?
In actual fact it is the worst kind of parasitic behaviour in which the few (although in the many thousands these days) enrich themselves from the misery of the many.

How long do we still take the stories of ‘There are too many people on this planet’, whilst at the same time 40 % of the food is wasted?

What is currently happening is that some very rich and powerful people have taken it upon themselves to help ‘solve’ this problem of overpopulation, portraying it as a humanitarian gesture by suggesting for example vaccination of all babies, whilst knowing that most vaccines these days are highly toxic and often more dangerous than the disease they are said to prevent.
With a straight and honest face, these, and similar actions, are the kind of evil that is outplaying itself on the planet these days.

How long do we still put up with a political system in which money is the determining factor, and with politicians saying they are there for the people but in reality are bought, fed and feasted by the big businesses for which they need to ensure favours, resulting in deeply corrupted structures that seem only to exist to ensure continuation of the favourable circumstances for business whilst throwing some (sometimes toxic) crumbs to the people?

How long do we still believe in an educational system that has as its first and only interest to form the young people in such a way that they are productive and willing pawns to support the industrial and technological ‘progression’, instead of learning the young people to live first and become a decent and stable and healthy human being and only then help to support the society they live in (without losing themselves)?

How long do we still tolerate a medical science and healthcare that has become completely financized and which has lost almost all relationship with the people, but is mostly interested in making sure that as many people as possible stay as long as possible under treatment (whether for their benefit or not), so as much as possible can be earned from it?

Or how long will we still support organizations, like for example WTO (World Trade Organization), that forbids countries to have their own security food storage, to make sure ‘the markets’ work (whilst causing local shortages and excessive speculation)?

And how long will organizations like a United Nations survive now its credibility is tainted, its projections flawed (and serving big business) and generally at many levels it has become a tool in the hands of a few countries, completely overruling reality and basically most of the 192+ countries attached to it (but serving the geopolitical intentions of the few).

And what will start to happen to the major energy institutes (IEA, EIA) now that it has become clear that they have been lying and cheating with the numbers and basically are too embedded with the financial industries and politics to say the truth about declining supplies and declining demand? The trickery being used to avoid the truth is appalling.

And what will start to happen if demand indeed starts to overtake supply (or supply is diminishing as such as to not cover demand anymore)? Will we be lied to, coming at the mercy of the parasitic speculators enriching themselves from the people that will not be able to heat their homes in winter?

Or if the truth being told, how, and on what bases, will the fuel be distributed?

Will everything be translated into excessive pricing and thereby causing a ‘natural’ selection, basically meaning that the richer people and the richer countries will be able to pay for the fuel, whilst the poorer people and countries can take care of themselves? How long will it be before the first masses will arise, because dying in the streets to fight for your right may be a better option than freezing to death in your home?

If the data are correct, we will be faced with a situation of fundamental shortage, but currently the only way that is thought of in dealing with it, is to make the stuff more expensive. But it is clear that this is a solution that is only good for parasites/speculators but will do nothing to solve the situation.

If the price-issue will not be solved, with the world seeing an economic crisis in combination with excessive oil prices, we will see mass movements or revolutions springing up in many places, causing most probably much violence and suppression whilst doing nothing to address the situation (which might not be easily solved, if at all).

If at the same time also large amounts of people need to move away from their ancestral- or home-lands due to either drought and environmental devastation or sea level rising, and the world will still be run by the financial mindset of extorting as much as possible from as many as possible, we may look forward to fights at many levels, causing great economic damage and even more suffering.

All this and much more is in the offing if the world is allowed to continue on the path it is on now.

The way things go

Many things already cannot be turned around anymore as we simply have gone too far.

Already now it is clear that the food chains in the seas and oceans are collapsing due to poisoning, overfishing and especially acidification as a result of the environmental pollution.
Also is clear, that very large areas in places like southern Europe, Africa, US, China and probably a few more, will completely dry out and will become uninhabitable and have basically scorched earth due to the irresponsible practices that have used fossil groundwater way beyond refilling, therefore running out of water for millions of people and millions of hectares of arable land.

Never before so many kinds of animals have gone extinct so fast, on such massive scale.

Our crops are becoming genetically polluted just to serve some industrial giants, with vast consequences for future food production as well as the health of hundreds of millions, or possibly several billions, of people, causing, increasingly known, long-term detrimental effects on health and sanity (which of course is a bonus for the medical institutions) whilst in some countries it even becomes forbidden to grow your own vegetables or grow vegetables and animals in more natural circumstances (as the control of the agro-industry on politicians is growing strongly).

And this can go on almost ad infinitum, as we see our food- ,water- and energy-security dwindling, the economic system becoming instable and collapsing, the political structures corrupt beyond repair and basically our whole societal structure as it has been built up over the centuries becoming dysfunctional and obsolete.

As most of the economies of the world are guided towards collapse, driven by those who will profit from it, and many countries and regions are guided towards war and/or terror, driven by those who will gain from this, and combine this with the developments in nature and the above spoken of, we may start to get a glimpse of the idea that this will not last forever and that we may need to start thinking about other ways, different solutions, new economic rules, innovative societal structures, new and respectful ways of growing our food, humane education and more natural ways of healing and so much more.

It is clear that on its current path the human race will stumble hard on its way to reach the pot with gold at the end of the ever vanishing rainbow.

It is also clear that new solutions based on old thinking will not work, as the way of thinking is the causing factor in the first place.

Our ways of thinking are engraved in us by our schooling system, the economic rules of the last many centuries, the competitive mindset resulting from the industrial revolution and of course the development of the economic situation as it has grown over the last decades.

All this is going to be defunct, useless, not valid anymore, and not helpful for the future.

But how do we develop new ways of thinking, on what bases, and new forms of education and new economic rules that reflect the coming (shrinking) reality, and how do we develop a humanity that recognizes a parasite, even if it wears a tie, or a mass murderer, even if it has a seemingly respectable face, or a liar and a cheat if it is one, and at the same time develop ways away from the inhumanity that has become the norm these days, and towards a living together that is in respect of the ways of the planet, the natural human and the universe.

That, and much more, will be the subject of the future EEMs, that will give critical analysis of the developing situation, whilst seeking new ways for the future that can reduce or minimize the suffering in the short term and might form the starter points for new ways of thinking, being and doing for the future.

With this, the series of free EEMs has ended. As from September, EEM will be available for Premium Plus members.

Looking forward to the future,




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