Refinery Business Economics Seminar

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Dec 14, 2011 09:25 AM to
Dec 16, 2011 09:25 PM


The Refinery Business course is a comprehensive core skills course for professionals dealing with all aspects of the Refining Industry. The aim of the programme is promote a better understanding of the key refinery business performance levers, and the techniques and tools used to optimise and improve business performance. In addition it will cover the fundamentals of refining processes and provide an understanding of the individual unit operations especially in relation to blending the final products.

The course will be invaluable to all engineers working in the planning, operation and design of all refining activities. Those who are experienced in other fields and seek a review of the fundamentals of refining and refinery economics will also find this course most beneficial.

Upon completion, graduates will be knowledgeable in the fundamentals of both refining processes and refining economics.

After completing this course you will:

• Have a thorough understanding of the petroleum industry from crude oil, refinery processes through to blending products to specification and shipment.
• Understand crude oils and other raw materials especially biofuels.
• Understand the factors that contribute to the marginal value of blendstocks and feedstocks.
• Understand how streams should be distributed to ensure the optimum economic operation of an oil refinery within the many constraints that affect production.
• Know the meaning and extent of the economic information that can be obtained from an LP solution.
• Understand how a refinery investment is evaluated.

The programme has been designed for personnel who require a complete overview of refinery processing and performance benchmarks. The course aims to provide a better understanding of refining economics, and will be especially valuable to:

• Analysts working in the Supply environment of a refinery Planning department;
• Engineers involved in troubleshooting and technical service work who need an economic perpective of process unit operation;
• LP modellers;
• Service and consulting companies will also find the programme very helpful and informative.

This course will present an overview of a modern, integrated petroleum refinery, including the feedstock properties, product slate and processes used to convert crude oil and intermediate streams into desirable products. Blending is important as part of the refinery business and the course will provide an insight into the calculation of the most economical blends. The future changes in product specifications will be discussed along with the implications for the refiner.

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