Tap into Asia’s Unconventional Gas Boom: 3rd Unconventional Gas Asia Summit 2012

Tap into Asia’s Unconventional Gas Boom: 3rd Unconventional Gas Asia Summit 2012
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Nov 05, 2012 08:30 AM to
Nov 08, 2012 08:30 AM


China, as the world’s biggest energy consumer, enjoys an abundant of unconventional gas. A report by the US Energy Information Administration last year said China’s shale gas exploitable reserves of 25.1 trillion cubic metres, in theory enough to meet China's gas needs for the next two centuries, and "technically recoverable" reserves were "50 % greater than in the US".
However, some geologists believe China’s total resources could be even much higher, dwarfing China’s conventional gas reserves.

Facing the huge opportunity, China’s shale gas E&P will not be so easy.
"China is rich in shale gas resources, which are suitable for scaled development," said Yu Haifeng, the resource ministry's deputy director. "But the geological conditions are complex and our exploration technology lags behind advanced countries. If the country's shale gas output exceeds 100 bn cubic meters by 2020, the fuel will become an important source of China's energy supply."

In order to address the challenges from unconventional gas development, China has made quite a lot preparation, including the 12th Five-Year Energy Plan for shale gas and CBM, the declaration that shale gas as the independent mineral, the first round bidding of shale gas blocks, the upcoming second round bidding, price mechanism pilot reform and so on.
All of the preparation assuredly promotes more companies with an enthusiasm to explore unconventional gas, increasingly removing their trouble at home.

By the end of 2011, China has tested or fractured 22 shale oil or gas wells, of which 3 are shale oil wells, 2 are horizontal shale gas wells, and 17 are vertical shale gas wells. Among these wells, 10 wells are drilled by Sinopec, 8 wells are drilled by China National Petroleum Co., and 4 wells are drilled by Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co. Ltd. Shale oil well production rates are 0.5-4.6 cum/day, and the maximum shale gas well test production rate is 60,000 cu m/day.
The preliminary exploitation and exploration show that Chinese shale oil and gas has bright prospects and will attract more and more companies home and abroad to involve in.


3rd Unconventional Gas Asia Summit 2012, which will be held on Nov. 5-8, 2012, Beijing, China, is the international event focusing on Asia’s unconventional gas market including policy changing, technical innovation and the project updating.


Hear the latest views and forecasts from key industry speakers from along the entire value chain, Featured Speakers:

  • Randeep Grewal, Chairman & CEO, Greka Energy
  • Frank David, Development  Manager, New Changbei, Shell
  • Chris Faulkner, CEO, Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation,
  • Prashant Modi, President& Chief Operating Officer, GEECL
  • Sammy Hamzah, President & CEO, Ephindo Energy
  • Robert Bearden, President & CEO, Sino Gas & Energy
  • Peter Cockcroft, Chairman, Blue Energy
  • Maoyuan Sun, Former Chairman, CUCBM
  • Shengchu Huang, President, National Institute for Occupational Safety
  • Usman Ahmed, Vice President & Chief Reservoir Engineer, Reservoir Themes & Solutions, Baker Hughes
  • Larry Chorn, Global Director, Unconventional Resources, Halliburton Consulting and Project Management
  • ……

Highlights in 3rd Unconventional Gas Asia Summit 2012

  • 30+ Shale gas & CBM expert speakers
  • 14+ leading edge operator case studies
  • 5+ Government officials’ strategic speeches
  • Country updates from China, India, Indonesia, Australia, and USA…
  • Specified topics covering the whole industry chain
  • Multidimensional view of core technologies
  • Post-conference workshop focusing hydraulic fracturing
  • Site tour to Qinshui CBM project


On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you and other senior executives to attend the 3rd Unconventional Gas Asia Summit. With your attendance in UGAS we believe it will bring up the profile of your firm in the unconventional gas industry and probably bring more potential business to your company.


Organizing Committee of Unconventional Gas Asia Summit

Tel: +86 21 5830 0710

Fax: +86 21 5831 1668

E-mail: info@szwgroup.com

Website: http://www.szwgroup.com/2012/unconventional/

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86 21 5830 0710
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