The UK Energy Cyber Security Executive Forum

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Feb 05, 2015
from 08:30 AM to 05:50 PM


Protecting and strengthening your business with the right approach to cyber security

The energy sector is increasingly becoming a prime target for organised cyber security crime. Globally, it is estimated that cyber security breaches in oil & gas and power will cost owners $1.87billion by 2018. Cyber-attacks on industrial control systems reported to ICS-CERT jumped from 34 in 2010 to 257 in 2013.

Fotolia_61016241_SThe European Union’s adoption of new data protection rules and a new cyber security network by 2015 increases the challenge faced by energy companies in Europe. With energy companies in the UK already losing approximately £400 million every year, the sanctions for security breaches will increase the maximum fines from 2% to 5% of a company’s global annual turnover.

Despite all the evidence and with such high costs at stakes, many companies do not fully appreciate the risk posed by cybercrime. Their existing security measures often prove to be inadequate and energy firms are routinely refused insurance cover for business interruption. Additionally, the current mainstream cyber insurance market neither fully addresses the needs of the energy sector, nor provides coverage for physical loss or damage. Furthermore, the waiting periods for cyber security coverage can be significant in terms of energy networks.

With significant numbers of employees having insufficient knowledge of corporate cyber threats, such as SpyEye, Zeus, Stuxnet and Flame, the nation’s critical energy infrastructure remains extremely vulnerable. Energy companies, while struggling with the complexity and size of the networks they manage, need to meet the challenge of surviving and growing in the current cyber security climate now.


City & Financial Global’s Energy Cyber Security Executive Forum is a strategic and practice-driven summit, which will give attendees an excellent opportunity to network with the best of the energy cyber security sector and learn how to actively engage with the cyber security issues.

This timely conference will offer participants guidance to minimise the risks, avoid cyber security breaches through internal controls and proper adherence to standards, develop resilience, protect and strengthen your business in the UK and globally. 

Join us for a day of:

  • Keynote presentations
  • In-depth focus sessions
  • Technology updates
  • Panel discussions focusing on the most pressing cyber security issues in oil & gas and power industries

Attend this forum to understand:

  • What the UK Government is doing to improve security skills and awareness within the energy sector
  • How to educate your employees to deal with the new realities of cybercrime in the oil & gas industry
  • Why energy companies fail to effectively manage data security breach incidents and how you can enhance your incident management detection and response capabilities
  • What coverage cyber risk insurers provide for business interruption and how to deal with the ‘cyber risk gap’ in the energy sector

You will also learn about:

  • EU response to the increased cyber threat in the energy sector.  How does the United States currently manage cyber security?
  • Recent cyber security incidents that have the most profound impact on the oil & gas industry. Step by step analysis and the lessons learned
  • Effectively responding to real-time operational security concerns of SCADA devices and networks for power and utilities. Retesting vulnerabilities to eliminate threats
  • The trends in the type, volume and calibre of cybersecurity attacks in the energy sector. The most effective risk mitigation strategies and commercially viable cyber security policies

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