World-Class Strategic Planning

World-Class Strategic Planning
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Oct 19, 2015 08:00 AM to
Oct 21, 2015 05:00 PM


This masterclass will introduce you and your leadership team to two powerful planning methodologies:

Strategic Planning:

Create an operational planning document to guide company leaders and employees, and improve the executive team’s ability to identify, prioritize, assign opportunities, and contribute to your company’s improved performance. Leadership team members select high impact alternatives while building support necessary for successful implementation.

Scenario Planning:

This “thinking around the corner” meeting helps teams consider alternative futures and prepare a successful response plan no matter the situation. The value of this technique comes from the deep dialogue provoked by different scenarios. The alternate views will help generate new insights about a company and its possible futures. Thinking this way helps prepare contributors to notice and consider emerging ideas before others even perceive any change.

Scenario Planning is an excellent complement and second step to effective Strategic Planning. This may even be one of the few times these two powerful planning methodologies have been presented together in the same course.

These planning approaches are directed at improving business performance. Improved performance is the result of better decisions, and behaviors associated with the day-to-day communications used in conducting business. Improved decisions and behaviors are the result of improved ideas and insights. And improved ideas and insights are the result of how we think. Thinking is an improbable skill. Intelligence is our innate thinking capability, and how we think is how we use this capability.

Planning sessions with senior teams are crucial to a company’s success. Effective planning sessions improve the way senior teams think. When facilitated well, a team can come up with preferred alternatives (using specific techniques that provoke new ideas) while building support for the decisions (using specific techniques which promote dialogue). The results of these meetings – great decisions with support to confi rm successful implementation – will direct the rest of the organization towards the future.

One view of what differentiates successful organizations from less successful organizations is the quality and quantity of the decisions the successful organization makes and implements.

  • Improved Company Performance
  • Improved Decisions, Behaviors
  • Improved Insights and Ideas
  • Improved Thinking

Decision making process is a crucial process. It determines how organizations choose to do one thing vs. another, with successful and not-so-successful results associated with each. One thing we have learned since 1980 is that the result in any situation is the consequence of the contributing processes. Strong results are the consequence of strong processes.

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Accra, Ghana
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