China's Power production increasing rapidly

Jan 16, 1997 01:00 AM

China generated 1,075 bn kWh of electricity last year, a rise of 6.8 % over 1995. Thermal power plants - coal and gas fired - produced 875.7 bn kWh of electricity, up 8.5 % over 1995 level, and hydroelectric power stations produced 185 bn kWh of electricity, matching the previous year's level. Nuclear power stations generated 14.3 bn kWh of electricity. Shi Dazhen, minister of China's Power Industry, said that last year the tension between supply and demand in the country's power industry eased up, coupled with a completion of pre-set goals for power industrial production and capital construction, which has effectively ensured a sustained, fast and healthy development of the country's national economy. According to the minister, the country finished the construction of power stations with a combined generating capacity of 12.8 million kW in the past year. China also added 5,477 km of power transmission lines in 1996. Construction has started on the installation of two nuclear power generating units for the second stage of China's self-designed and built Qinshan Nuclear Power Station in east China's Zhejiang Province, each with a generating capacity of 600 MW. In the meantime, $ 11.2 bn was spent on the construction of major power projects in China, including $ 4.4 bn of investment from the state and $ 1.3 bn from overseas investors. The number of provinces and autonomous regions where electricity is now available in every village reaches 12, said the minister, adding that China will realise the goal of bringing electricity within the reach of 95 % of the country's rural families and making electricity available in every county by the year 2000.

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