Phillips has started production from Judy/Joanne

Apr 21, 1997 02:00 AM

Phillips Petroleum Company United Kingdom Limited and its co-venturers in the Judy/Joanne (J-Block) project began commercial liquids production on April 16, 1997 from the Judy platform in the UK sector of the North Sea.
Current production is 25,000 bpd and should average 35,000-40,000 bpd for the remainder of 1997. The gas produced with the liquids is being reinjected into the formation for later production and delivery to the gas buyer, Enron Europe. The $ 82 million gas reinjection project is expected to increase ultimate hydrocarbon recovery from Judy/Joanne by an estimated 5 % .
The original J-Block facilities were completed and ready for full production in February of 1996. However, Enron Europe Limited has indicated it will not take gas under its sales agreements with the J-Block owners until at least September of 1999. The J-Block co-venturers elected to reinject the gas into the formation for later production and delivery, which would enable Phillips to maintain the operational status of the facility, and produce and export the liquids. The gas reinjection facilities were installed on the Judy platform late in 1996 and were commissioned during the first quarter of 1997.
The Judy platform is designed to process up to 95,000 bpd of liquids and 450 mm cfpd of gas, of which 300 mm are reserved for Enron. With significant spare capacity in place, Phillips and others have carried out an ambitious drilling program in the area - announcing in February a significant discovery at Jade, 12 miles North of the Judy field, and successfully appraising the Jacqui field to the east. These fields are being evaluated for future development.
The J-Block (blocks 30/7a and 30/12a) and the adjacent 30/6b are operated by Phillips UK, which owns a 36.5 % interest. Other interests are held by Agip (UK) Limited, 33 % ; and BG Exploration and Production Limited, 30.5 % .

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