Selfgeneration in Turkey

Apr 12, 1997 02:00 AM

As the gap between demand and supply of electricity widens in Turkey, the recent interest in self generation of power, or autoproduction, surges. Of the available forms of private power in Turkey, only autoproduction has thus far shown a steady track record of successful development. Further, that track record is set to continue given the legal concerns that have impeded the development of large private power projects-such as build-operate- transfer (BOT)--and also given new tariff and wheeling structures, as well as streamlined procedures for autoproduction plants. The autoproduction plant is becoming the businessperson's answer to power shortages in Turkey. There are 17 autoproduction plants with a total installed capacity of 380 MW that have been commissioned since the first plant was licensed in 1992. More than half are less than 15 MW installed capacity, and the largest is 123.4 MW. Gas is the principal fuel, and the construction period after licensing is usually less than one year. The plants are mainly in north-western Turkey, near Istanbul and Izmit. However, there is no known foreign equity participation in these projects, and no more than a few have involved offshore financing. In other words, the development of autoproduction has been purely Turkish to date. Another 32 plants with a total estimated installed capacity of 706.6 MW have been licensed by the Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources (MENR) but are not yet commissioned. One is for 220 MW. Finally, applications have recently been filed at MENR for another 44 plants with an estimated total capacity of 1,351.7 MW. Most are expected to be fuelled by natural gas, and a higher proportion of the plants in recent applications is larger than 50 MW, with four plants more than 100 MW each.

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