First fibre optic cable network for Petrobras platforms in South Atlantic

Jul 14, 1997 02:00 AM

June 19, 1997 Submarine Systems International (SSI) recently signed a $ 17.6 mm contract with Brazil's Petrobras to provide the first undersea fibre optic cable network exclusively designed for offshore oil platforms.
This 475 km network will connect Petrobras' fixed and floating type platforms located in the oil-rich Campos Basin region of the South Atlantic Ocean to the shore base north of Rio de Janeiro. The system is targeted for service in June, 1998.
"The Campos Basin network revolutionises offshore communications for the offshore petroleum industry," said William B. Carter, president and CEO of SSI, a subsidiary of AT&T.
Currently, offshore oil platforms depend on conventional microwave, radio or satellite hook-up to communicate among themselves, limiting their ability to transport data or take advantage of high bandwidth applications like video conferences. The Petrobras network will increase that ability tenfold. The new undersea network will use SSI's SL100 fibre optic cable technology to transmit voice, data and video at speeds from 155 megabits per second to 622 megabits per second with upgrade capability to 2.5 gigabits per second.
The floating oil platforms will be connected into the high-tech, high-speed private communications network through a dynamic riser cable. The dynamic riser cable will be vertically suspended from the platforms to the seabed in the deep waters off Brazil.

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