Black Sea Energy in action on the Tura project

Jul 14, 1997 02:00 AM

June 16, 1997 A total of three drilling rigs are now in action on the Tura project on the Kalchinskoye field in the oil-rich region of western Siberia. In addition to the three operating rigs, Tura Petroleum Company - 50%-owned by Calgary-based Black Sea Energy - has an additional five rigs on the Kalchinskoye field where they are preparing to begin drilling. Tura is one of the company's two current projects in Russia.
"Our Tura joint venture is on schedule for our planned, second-quarter drilling program of three exploratory wells and three development wells," Clint Hussin, President of Black Sea Energy Ltd. said. "We have made considerable progress to date and we are on track to meet our third quarter schedule of two new exploratory wells and three new development wells."
The Tura project consists of the 75,000-acre Kalchinskoye oilfield and the surrounding, one-million-acre North Kalchinskoye exploration block. Black Sea's share of the proven reserves is 27 mm barrels, with probable reserves of 133 mm barrels. The project currently has 30 producing oil wells and six water-injection wells.
Mr. Hussin reported that Tura Petroleum has completed hydraulic fracture treatments on five wells in the Kalchinskoye pool in recent weeks. "As a result of the treatments, we have seen increased flows on these wells that have ranged from 255 bpd to 1,430 bpd. Well optimisation is continuing and analysis of the inflow performance ratio indicates additional productive capability." Enhanced production from the fractured wells has helped boost gross production from the field to a current rate of 6,100 bpd, up from an average of 4,680 bpd at the end of the first quarter.

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