Petroleum Geo-Services starts first 12-streamer tow

Feb 25, 1998 01:00 AM

Jan. 7, 1998 Petroleum Geo-Services ASA, in early December 1997, with its Ramform Explorer, began a 3D survey offshore West Africa towing 12 full-length seismic streamers-the first time this has been achieved by any seismic vessel. Since the startup of this survey, the vessel, which has consistently been operating with twelve streamers, has acquired over 1,400 sq km of 3D data.
"This is a significant first for our industry," said Bjarte Bruheim, president and COO of Petroleum Geo-Services. "It also proves the capability of our Ramform technology to economically acquire large volumes of data in frontier areas."
The Ramform Explorer was also the first seismic vessel to tow both eight and 10 streamers in earlier surveys, according to Bjarte Bruheim. "In addition, the Ramform Explorer's sister ship, the Ramform Challenger, successfully towed 10 streamers earlier this year," Bruheim stated. "No other vessel has yet towed 10 full-length streamers, or even eight full-length streamers, on a routine basis," he added.
The 12-streamer tow, with a total width spread of 1,100 meters and dual airgun sources, is being used on a large survey of about 3,000 sq km for a major operator in West Africa, due to the large number of streamers and associated efficiency, this survey is expected to be completed within approximately two months. The data volume from this survey will be processed onboard using a 64-node, SP-2 Massively Parallel Processor system, equivalent to twice the computing power of any other seismic vessel afloat.
As a result of the extraordinary performance of the Ramform design seismic vessels and the strong demand for this specialised high technology equipment within the oil industry, the Company has exercised its option to construct Ramform No. 6. This vessel will be constructed at Langsten Ship & Batbyggeri in Norway which is the same yard used to construct each of its special purpose Ramform design 3D seismic vessels. The vessel, which is expected to be delivered in the first half of 1999, will have the same dimensions as Ramform No. 5 and will be equipped to handle up to 20 streamers.

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