Tosco Corp endorses cleaner gasoline for US

Feb 25, 1998 01:00 AM

Jan. 9, 1998 Tosco Corporation will support an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate to dramatically improve gasoline quality to reduce air pollution throughout the United States. Tosco's recommendation calls for a major reduction in the sulphur content of gasoline sold in the U.S.
At the present time there is no consistent federal standard for sulphur in gasoline, but the average for all gasoline sold in the U.S. is over 300 parts per mm (ppm). Tosco's proposed new standard would set the upper limit at only 80 ppm, or a reduction of approximately 75 %.
The American Automobile Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has indicated that sulphur is one of the major barriers to achieving the clean air goals of the EPA. There seems to be broad consensus that reducing sulphur levels in gasoline on a national basis will result in much lower emissions.
Thomas D. O'Malley, Tosco's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, " Gasoline is the best practical motor fuel for the American public, and gasoline can be the environmental fuel of the future. Tosco's principal business is refining and marketing gasoline in the United States. We think that our industry has not moved far enough or fast enough on this issue. Gasoline must be constantly improved on both an environmental and performance basis, and our recommended change is a clear move in that direction."
Tosco commits to make the investment necessary to produce the environmental fuel of the future - low-sulphur gasoline.

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