China is world's second in electricity generation

Dec 28, 1997 01:00 AM

China expects to generate 1.135 trillion kWh of electricity and its installed generating capacity will reach 250 mm kW this year, both ranking second in the world.
According to Shi Dazhen, minister of electric power and general manager of the China State Power Corporation, China has made historic breakthrough in electricity generation, investment mode, operation mechanism and management system. And a complete and initially modernised system of power industry has taken shape.
The minister made the remarks at a national power conference recently. He said that it is remarkable for the country to have maintained an annual average growth rate of 6.2 % in power generation for 5 consecutive years.
And for 10 years running, the large and medium-sized generating units with total capacity ranging from 10 mm kW to 15 mm kW have been put into operation annually.
To date, some 14 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central government have met the target of making electricity available to every village under their jurisdiction.
It is expected that 95 % of the country's total rural population will have gained access to the use of electricity by the turn of the century.
The minister said that with Daya Bay and Qinshan nuclear power plants having been put into operation, the country's sources of electricity have been diversified. And for several years hydropower generating units with capacity exceeding 4 mm kW have been put into operation annually.
Presently, large-sized generating units each with a capacity above 200,000 kW or 300,000 kW have become the backbone of the country's power grids, which account for more than 40 % of the country's total installed power generating capacity.
In addition, the country has succeeded in setting up a multi-channel fund raising system for power construction, with funds from various localities and overseas topping 170 bn yuan for construction of large and medium-sized generating units, or 43.1 % of the total investment in this respect.
The minister added that an all-round reform has started in the country's power industry to transform the traditional operation mechanism and management system, which has been signalled by the establishment of the China State Power Corporation.

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