China to explore oil fields in central Bohai Sea

Dec 12, 1997 01:00 AM

Two separate oil fields in the central part of the Bohai Sea will be explored simultaneously, and the oil obtained will be piped inland through the port of Tangshan in north China's Hebei Province.
According to a recently drafted plan, the two oil fields - Qinhuangdao 32-6 Oil Field and Nanbao 35-2 Oil Field - will produce 4 million tons of crude oil a year when operational.
Qinhuangdao oil field, with 170 mm tons of verified geological oil reserves, is 100 km east of Tanggu in Tianjin. The field was discovered by China Offshore Oil Corporation's Bohai Company in June of 1995. Eleven wells have been drilled in the oil field.
Nanbao, discovered recently by the Bohai Company, lies 20 km south of Tangshan. Four test wells have been drilled and geological reserves of 70 mm tons have been identified. Nanbao's reserves have been estimated at 110 mm tons.
The distance between the two oil fields is just 20 km, making it possible for their joint development in a 70 square km oil-bearing area in the central Bohai Sea.
In accordance with the plan, seven standard platforms will be erected in the two oil fields; two pipelines will be laid at the seabed to transport oil inland; and terminals will be built in Jingtang Port. Requisition of 650 meters of coastline will be made for building oil transport berths. The entire construction will cost 7.29 billion yuan.
The Qinhuangdao field is expected to begin production in 2003 and Nanbao one year later. By 2004, the two fields should be able to produce 4 million tons of oil a year.

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