India wants to upgrade quality of petroleum fuels and lubricants

Dec 10, 1997 01:00 AM

"The quality of petroleum fuels and lubricants is of paramount importance from many stand-points. The need for conservation, necessitated by fast depleting oil reserves around the world and the need for conformity to more and more stringent specifications make petroleum sector challenging for scientists and engineers." This has been stated by Shri Prabir Sen Gupta, Secretary for Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, while inaugurating an International Symposium on Fuels and Lubricants, organised by R&D Centre of Indian Oil Corporation Limited.
Shri Prabir Sen Gupta informed that with rapid industrialisation and mechanisation, the domestic consumption of oil has increased to about 76 million tonnes and is likely to cross 100 mm tonnes by 2001. At the time of independence, oil contributed to less than one-third of our energy requirements, as compared to over 60% at present.
The higher consumption of oil and increased number of motor vehicles have contributed to high levels of atmosphericpollution, particularly in cities. This has enhanced the importance of good quality fuels and lubricants upon which depends reduced emissions, fuel economy, environmental safety and safe operations and equipment life. The Petroleum Secretary added that the Government has already introduced lead free gasoline in all the metros which is planned to be extended to the entire country by 2000.
India has 740 mm tonnes of proven recoverable oil reserves at present. The Petroleum Secretary emphasised that this requires to be increased substantially to make us self sufficient to meet the projected annual demand of 159 mm tonnes by the year 2010-11. Private participation in oil exploration and production activities has been invited. The production which was a meagre 0.25 mm tonnes at the time of independence has increased to 36.3 mm tonnes representing about 44% of the current requirements of nearly 81 mm tonnes.
The refining capacity has also increased to about 61 mm tonnes from 0.25 mm tonnes in 1947. Another 6 mm tonnes will be added shortly with the commissioning of the Panipat Refinery. The Secretary also informed that a few more refineries in the private and joint sectors expected to come up in the near future will increase the total refining capacity to about 120 mm tonnes by the turn of the century.
In his welcoming address Shri M A Pathan, Chairman, Indian Oil, informed that Indian Oil Servo range of lubricants offer over 400 grades based on nearly 2000 formulations developed by R&D. Complimenting Indian Oil R&D Centre for developing several energy efficient and long life lubricants, he informed that a novel Titanium complex grease invented and introduced recently in the market has been acclaimed as a marvel in the history of lubricating greases the world over.

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