PVC-waste usage taking step forward in Japan

Apr 14, 1998 02:00 AM

NKK Corp., the PVC Environmental Measures Council and the Plastic Waste Management Institute have completed a test facility to further improve recycling technology for PVC resin.
The plant, which has been constructed within NKK's Keihin Steelworks can handle 1,000 tpy of waste. Hydrogen chloride is removed by pyrolysis of the PVC resin, and the re-use as reducing agent in steelmaking is the objective.
The facility will come into full operation in April, and testing for removal of hydrogen chloride and other performance parameters will continue several months.

Operations using waste plastic as blast furnace feed material started in October 1996 at the Keihin Steelworks No. 1 blast furnace. The waste plastic is pulverised and blown into the blast furnace as reducing agent in place of coke. This method, which enables large volumes of waste to be used effectively, has built up a favourable record of actual treatment of increasingly larger quantities. However, PVC resin has so far been excluded due to concern over harm to blast furnace equipment from corrosion caused by chlorine.
This month NKK has also just started up a joint trial facility with Shinagawa Fuel for pre-treatment of general- purpose type waste plastic including PVC. Once these two technologies are perfected, recycling of PVC resin will take a major step forward.

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