Iraq urgently needs up-to-date equipment to end oil industry pollution

Apr 26, 1999 02:00 AM

Iraq is in urgent need of up-to-date equipment to tackle remains of oil industry and to put an end to the environment pollution, an Iraqi oil official said.
Director-General of Iraqi Northern Oil Refineries Company Ali Hamid Mohammed held the UN Sanctions Committee responsible for delaying the approval of contracts Iraq has signed with foreign companies for a long time.
Mohammed said that his company signed contracts with foreign companies under the fourth phase of the oil-for-food deal which expired last November to buy equipment and materials used in refining industrial water.
However, those equipment and materials have not reached Iraq yet after the fifth phase of the program has been in force for five months, he added.

Iraq has long accused U.S. and British representatives at the Sanctions Committee of putting on hold contracts it concluded with foreign companies under flimsy pretexts.
Mohammed said that because units of purifying industrial water in his company were destroyed during the 1991 Gulf War, his company is following different ways to get rid of remains of oil industry even by digging canals toward nearby valleys.
He added that his company drops remains of more than 600 cm per hour without dealing with those remains and turning them into oil products as the company did before the U.N. sanctions imposed on Iraq following its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

It is estimated that Iraq needs $ 15 bn to restore its oil production to pre-sanctions level of 3.25 mm bpd.

Iraq also plans to attract $ 15 bn of investment to develop new oil fields so that it can increase its oil production to 6 mm bpd.
As part of the plan, Iraqi Oil Minister Amir Mohammed Rasheed is visiting Moscow to discuss means of enhancing bilateral co-operation in developing new oil fields in Iraq.

Source: Xinhua via Newspage
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