Boots & Coots forms five year alliance with John Wright Company

Aug 30, 1999 02:00 AM

Boots & Coots International Well Control Inc., the leading provider of prevention and emergency response services to the global oil and gas industry has formed a five year alliance with John Wright Company.
This agreement will facilitate the development and implementation of hazard management systems within the petroleum industry. The systems are designed to prevent, respond to, and recover from accidental spills and releases of hydrocarbons, including well blowouts.

John Wright Company is a privately held company formed in 1989 to focus exclusively on well blow-out engineering and related control activities. The company is primarily known for its expertise in designing and supervising relief well intersection and kill operations. Relief wells are required to control well blowouts that are impractical to stop by conventional surface capping techniques.

The alliance will include the expertise of Well Flow Dynamics, 50 % owned by John Wright Company. Well Flow Dynamics provides the most comprehensive well flow and kill hydraulic modelling software available in the industry.
This package is the result of a 20 year multi-million joint industry project to develop and test a state of the art, 3-phase, dynamic pipeline flow simulator called OLGA. This model is critical in the assessment of risk for hydrocarbon well blowouts and is the input for many other models (e.g., gas dispersion, explosion modelling, heat radiation, plumes, oil spills, and aerosol sprays).
In addition to their expertise in relief wells and hydraulic simulations, the John Wright Company pioneered vendor supplied well blow-out contingency plans in the late 1980s, in the aftermath of a series of blowouts in the North Sea. These contingency plans have evolved over the years conforming to current internationally accepted hazard management systems.

Boots & Coots, based in Houston, is a global emergency response company that specialises, through its well control unit, in responding to and controlling oil and gas emergencies, including oil and gas well blowouts and well fires, as well as providing a complete menu of non-critical well control services through the Well Control Alliance with Halliburton.
Boots & Coots intends to continue to expand its role as an integrated, full-service, emergency-response company with the in-house ability to serve the global needs of the oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

Source: Boots & Coots Group International Well Control Inc.
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