Kazakhstan wants to export up to 50,000 tons of oil per month via Turkmenistan

Aug 07, 1999 02:00 AM

Kazakhstan's Minister of Energy, Industry and Trade Mukhtar Ablyazov have said that Astana and Ashgabat were well positioned to cooperate with each other on oil exports.
He was speaking after two days of meetings with Turkmen officials in Ashgabat.
Ablyazov said he had suggested to Turkmen officials that Kazakh oil be exported through Turkmenistan in the future. The oil could be transported from Kazakhstan to Turkmenistan via the pipeline that runs from Pavlodar to Chimkent to Seidi, he said. From Seidi, the oil would go to the Caspian port of Turkmenbashi to be loaded onto tankers bound for Iran, he added.
Up to 50,000 metric tons of oil per month could be exported along this route, Ablyazov said. He noted that Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan would have to co-ordinate their pipeline and rail tariff policies to ensure that the route was profitable.
Ablyazov did not say how the Turkmen officials had reacted to this proposal, and Turkmenistan's press reported only that the project was under consideration. He also did not explain how Kazakhstan proposed to load its oil into the pipeline to Seidi. Most Kazakh oil is extracted in the western regions of the country, which are quite distant from Pavlodar and Chimkent.
Ablyazov also stated that Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan might work together eventually to build an oil export pipeline to Iran. However, this project is not likely to be realised soon, he remarked.

Source: NewsBase
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