China shuts down small and illegal oil refineries

Aug 16, 1999 02:00 AM

In China, nine out of every ten small oil refineries and illegal oil- refining workshops slated for this year have been closed down in a nation-wide bid to rectify the oil products market. China plans to shut down 60 small oil refineries and 3,000 illegal oil refining workshops this year, according to the State Administration of Petroleum and Chemical Industries.
Four groups of officials and experts from the administration have been sent to the north-eastern and north-western regions as well as Hebei, Shandong and Guangdong provinces to check the campaign.
China has 166 small refineries, each with an annual processing capacity of less than 1 mm tonnes, and more than 3,000 illegal oil workshops which still use primitive refining methods.
The light-oil recovering rate of small refineries averaged less than 50 %, much lower than the 67.7 % recorded by the large refineries, causing a loss of 2.5 mm tonnes of light oil last year. Small refineries and illegal workshops constitute the main outlets for unqualified oil products, which not only cause severe waste of the petroleum resources, but result in heavy pollution.
Experts noted that some 38.5 % of China's refining capacity lies idle, with small oil refineries and workshops occupying a large part of the domestic oil products market by resorting to unfair competition.
They stressed that only by closing down the numerous small oil refineries and illegal workshops can the country put in order the oil products market and make a profitable business out of the petrochemical sector.

Source: Xinhua via Newspage
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