Gas and Oil Article Gasoline pipeline explosion in southern Nigeria kills more than 100 villagers
Imported article nta03275
Gas and Oil Article Nigerian fuel supply to improve with re-production of Port Harcourt Refinery
Imported article nta03377
Gas and Oil Article Egypt approves gas supply deal between EGPC and Union Fenosa
Imported article nta03379
Gas and Oil Article Egypt plans to drill 220 exploration and production wells this year
Imported article nta03380
Gas and Oil Article Libya groups 14 exploration blocks together for latest licensing round
Imported article nta03382
Gas and Oil Article Turkmenistan has not met target for gas deliveries to Iran
Imported article ntc03228
Gas and Oil Article Azerbaijan and Georgia sign gas export treaty
Imported article ntc03229
Gas and Oil Article Ukraine to sell 63 % stake of Kherson refinery before 2001
Imported article ntc03230
Gas and Oil Article Kazakhstan reports on oil and gas output during January-June period
Imported article ntc03233
Gas and Oil Article Chinese specialists restore 120 oil wells in Turkmenistan
Imported article ntc03235
Gas and Oil Article Ashgebat reports on investment in oil and gas sector
Imported article ntc03236
Gas and Oil Article Turkmenistan keen to further discuss gas piping project to Pakistan
Imported article ntc03337
Gas and Oil Article Turkey to construct natural gas projects with Russia and Iran
Imported article ntc03338
Gas and Oil Article Chinese Vice President urges Kazakhstan oil pipeline project
Imported article ntc03339
Gas and Oil Article Ukraine signs protocol with Turkmenistan to purchase natural gas
Imported article ntc03340
Gas and Oil Article Iran and Germany to strengthen cultural and economic ties
Imported article nte03287
Gas and Oil Article Replacement of North Sea rescue ships with helicopters in consultation
Imported article nte03288
Gas and Oil Article Poland and Norway sign accord for new pipeline
Imported article nte03289
Gas and Oil Article Poland and Ukraine to co-operate on Odessa-Brody-Gdansk pipeline project
Imported article nte03290
Gas and Oil Article Ongoing investigation into Hungary's oil scandal intensifies
Imported article nte03391
Gas and Oil Article Bulgaria and Ukraine exchange gas for laying pipelines
Imported article nte03392
Gas and Oil Article UK Energy Minister awards 37 licences to 21 companies for oil and gas
Imported article nte03393
Gas and Oil Article UK government changes legislation to meet EU Gas Directive
Imported article nte03395
Gas and Oil Article Pemex to invest in improvement and increase of processing capacity
Imported article ntl03216
Gas and Oil Article Mexican gas association to promote foreign and domestic alliances
Imported article ntl03217
Gas and Oil Article Cuba learnt to be self-sufficient after collapse of Soviet Union
Imported article ntl03218
Gas and Oil Article Latin American oil and gas sector to receive private investment
Imported article ntl03219
Gas and Oil Article Private capital to develop Mexican alternative power
Imported article ntl03220
Gas and Oil Article Cuba to become self-sufficient in electricity generation within five years
Imported article ntl03221
Gas and Oil Article Border dispute could cost Guyana and Suriname a fortune in oil revenues
Imported article ntl03222
Gas and Oil Article Brazil and Venezuela to start data exchange for oil industry
Imported article ntl03324
Gas and Oil Article Brazil fines two ships involved in spillage of crude
Imported article ntl03326
Gas and Oil Article Mexico and Venezuela renew San Jose Pact
Imported article ntl03327
Gas and Oil Article Brazil doubles chance of blackouts or energy rationing in 2001
Imported article ntl03328
Gas and Oil Article Mexican Constitution to be amended to allow private sector investment
Imported article ntl03329
Gas and Oil Article Peru's natural gas production rose 20.1 % in July
Imported article ntl03330
Gas and Oil Article Mexico's oil reserves could begin to run out before 2010
Imported article ntl03332
Gas and Oil Article Ecuadorian hydrocarbon industry scores high on foreign investment
Imported article ntl03333
Gas and Oil Article Mexican gas distributors to invest in retail facilities at nation's gas stations
Imported article ntl03335
Gas and Oil Article Peruvian Camisea gas field to take 10-15 years to consume whole production
Imported article ntl03336
Gas and Oil Article Venezuela to allow private companies to drill for oil in Essequibo territory
Imported article ntl03337
Gas and Oil Article Natural gas demand for Mexican electricity industry expected to grow
Imported article ntl03338
Gas and Oil Article Negotiators in Europe continue talk about Latin American peace treaty
Imported article ntl03339
Gas and Oil Article OCP pipeline project gets green light from government
Imported article ntl03340
Gas and Oil Article Two Venezuelan banks to merge into country's largest financial institution
Imported article ntl03341
Gas and Oil Article Proposals for Ecuador's new pipeline to be presented this month
Imported article ntl03343
Gas and Oil Article OPEC president invites Nigerian president for next meeting in Caracas
Imported article ntl03344
Gas and Oil Article Saudi Arabia presents oil companies with three core projects
Imported article ntm03262
Gas and Oil Article Jordan's private energy investments expected to reach $ 1.62 in five years
Imported article ntm03263
Gas and Oil Article Yemen reports of new oil find
Imported article ntm03265
Gas and Oil Article Algeria and Iraq to enhance relations and trade ties
Imported article ntm03266
Gas and Oil Article Kuwait ratifies agreement with Saudi Arabia on maritime boundaries
Imported article ntm03268
Gas and Oil Article Iran says it is best positioned to serve Caspian oil and gas producers
Imported article ntm03269
Gas and Oil Article Iran to attract foreign investment for expansion of downstream oil industry
Imported article ntm03270
Gas and Oil Article Oil promised by Saudi Arabia is coming to the market soon
Imported article ntm03272
Gas and Oil Article Iraq and Pakistan sign agreement to boost co-operation
Imported article ntm03273
Gas and Oil Article Saudi Arabia to boost production to force oil prices down
Imported article ntm03274
Gas and Oil Article Iran's July oil export tops 2.45 mm bpd
Imported article ntm03276
Gas and Oil Article Venezuelan president's trip aimed at welding OPEC members
Imported article ntm03377
Gas and Oil Article Nine international firms interested to develop gas field in Jordan
Imported article ntm03378
Gas and Oil Article Iran issues tenders for gas and water reinjection facilities
Imported article ntm03379
Gas and Oil Article Iran's Foundation for the Disinheritedwants in on South Pars
Imported article ntm03380
Gas and Oil Article Syria to invite foreign oil companies for oil and gas exploration activities
Imported article ntm03381
Gas and Oil Article Australia looking to invest in Iran's oil and gas industries
Imported article ntm03382
Gas and Oil Article President of OPEC warns against continuance of rising inventories
Imported article ntm03384
Gas and Oil Article Iraq's petroleum minister claims country has world's largest oil reserves
Imported article ntm03385
Gas and Oil Article Iraq seeks to find new outlets for surplus of oil
Imported article ntm03390
Gas and Oil Article Canadian 2000 honours list for outstanding contributions to oil and gas community
Imported article ntn03239
Gas and Oil Article State legislators grill oil industry lobbyists about gas prices
Imported article ntn03242
Gas and Oil Article How New Yorkers can help to prevent power problems and blackouts
Imported article ntn03246
Gas and Oil Article Seattle takes innovative approach to provide for citizens' energy future
Imported article ntn03249
Gas and Oil Article Price chiselling by oil companies do not cause high gas prices in Midwest
Imported article ntn03251
Gas and Oil Article Rhode Island oil spill worries environmentalists
Imported article ntn03252
Gas and Oil Article What is driving natural gas prices so high?
Imported article ntn03253
Gas and Oil Article Regional assessment of potential electricity supply problems this summer
Imported article ntn03254
Gas and Oil Article President Clinton to sign Oceans Act 2000
Imported article ntn03357
Gas and Oil Article Atlantic gas-venting cracks could indicate future landslides
Imported article ntn03359
Gas and Oil Article Two oil refiners agree to reduce air pollution at 12 refineries
Imported article ntn03363
Gas and Oil Article FERC approves new interstate natural gas pipeline for eastern US
Imported article ntn03368
Gas and Oil Article Russia to increase oil transportation tariffs to finance BPS
Imported article ntr03246
Gas and Oil Article Russia's Prime Minister Kasyanov signs ruling outlining financing scheme for BPS
Imported article ntr03247
Gas and Oil Article Russian Energy Ministry reports on oil output in June
Imported article ntr03249
Gas and Oil Article Russian Energy Ministry says oil exports via Russia rose by 22.8% in June
Imported article ntr03250
Gas and Oil Article Putin will support democracy but will also beef up state's power
Imported article ntr03251
Gas and Oil Article Russian approves co-operation agreement draft between Russia and China
Imported article ntr03252
Gas and Oil Article Timan-Pechora province reports increasing oil output
Imported article ntr03253
Gas and Oil Article Report on Georgian oil development initiatives
Imported article ntr03254
Gas and Oil Article Russia reports on oil output and exports
Imported article ntr03255
Gas and Oil Article Russian gasoline-powered boots are a step forward in footwear
Imported article ntr03256
Gas and Oil Article Energy Ministry commission approves new process scheme for Usinskoye development
Imported article ntr03257
Gas and Oil Article Oil slick laps against Sakhalin Island's port
Imported article ntr03258
Gas and Oil Article Oil analysts predict decline in Russian oil companies' earnings in 2001
Imported article ntr03360
Gas and Oil Article Russian government to draft regulations to revive stalled oil projects
Imported article ntr03361
Gas and Oil Article Russia reports on oil exports in July
Imported article ntr03362
Gas and Oil Article Russia repeats opposition to divide Caspian sea into national sectors
Imported article ntr03363
Gas and Oil Article Russian export duties on crude oil, oil products and fuel oil to be increased
Imported article ntr03364
Gas and Oil Article Russian economy grew by more than 7 % over first half of this year
Imported article ntr03366
Gas and Oil Article How Shah-Deniz is changing the equation: Part 4
Imported article ntr03367
Gas and Oil Article Russian and foreign investors criticise Putin's wave of police actions
Imported article ntr03368
Gas and Oil Article Ukraine reaches agreement to pay off debt for Turkmenistani gas supplies
Imported article ntr03371
Market Research

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Some of the top scholars in the energy sector have contributed to this volume such as Gonzalo Escribano, Director Energy and Climate Change Programme, Elcano Royal Institute, Madrid, Coby van der Linde, Director Clingendael International Energy Programme, The Hague and Houda Ben Jannet Allal, General Director Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie (OME), Paris.

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