Enron to construct power plant in Bolivia to export electricity to Brazil

Jul 26, 2000 02:00 AM

Enron announced plans to construct a thermoelectric power plant in Bolivia to export electricity to Brazil. Brazil's Petrobras has also expressed an interest in constructing a separate gas-fed thermoelectric plant. The two companies are already partners in the Brazil-Bolivia gas pipeline.
Enron said it chose to build the plant in Bolivia because of the savings presented. "The choice to build on Bolivian soil was based on economic and strategic criteria," said Enron Energy vice president Joao Carlos Alburquerque. In Bolivia, natural gas prices are one-third of those in Brazil and Enron pointed out that it would save on transport costs by producing in Bolivia and then transporting the energy to Brazil.
The power station will be constructed in the Bolivian town of Porto Suarez, on the Brazilian border, and have a capacity of 150 MW. In addition, 22 km of transmission lines will be built to connect the power station to the national grid. The energy produced will be bought by Elektro, a subsidiary of Enron that operates in the Brazilian energy market.

Petrobras also said it is studying a plan to build a 150-MW power plant in Bolivia and is looking to bring the Bolivian government in on the deal. A company source said negotiations are progressing but that one of the sticking points is that Petrobras requires all the gas used in electricity generation to come from its gas production units in Bolivia. Petrobras has the rights to approximately 300 bn cm of natural gas in Bolivia, almost one-third of the country's total reserves.

Source: Bridge News via Newspage
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