PSEG Power to build gas-fired combined cycle generating facility in NJ

Jul 19, 2000 02:00 AM

PSEG Power, an independent electric generating and trading company, announced it will build a new, two-unit, 1,186-MW natural-gas fired combined cycle generating facility at its Linden Generating Station, Linden, NJ. The $ 590 mm project is slated for completion in May 2003. Three existing oil-fired steam units at Linden with a total capacity of 436 MW will be retired upon completion of the new facility.
PSEG Power, established last summer as a result of electric industry restructuring in New Jersey, is one of the largest independent power producers in the world and also is among the largest energy trading companies in the US With the announcement, PSEG Power will have almost 13,000 MW of electric generating capacity in operation, under acquisition, or in development.
This portfolio includes generating assets being acquired from PSEG Power's utility affiliate, Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G); the 400-MW Albany Steam Station (Bethlehem, NY) acquired in May from Niagara Power;550 MW of nuclear generating capacity being acquired from Conectiv Energy; and a new, 500-MW gas-fired, combined cycle addition to Bergen Generating Station, Ridgefield, NJ, announced in January and scheduled for completion in 2002. PSEG Power and PSE&G are subsidiaries of Public Service Enterprise Group, a diversified energy holding company headquartered in Newark, NJ.

Frank Cassidy, PSEG Power president and COO, said "Construction of the new plant and the retirement of the existing oil-fired units will complete the redevelopment of Linden Generating Station into a modern, clean, state-of-the-art facility capable of serving a variety of electric demand requirements in the PJM (Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection) market area." Two simple-cycle, gas-fired turbine generators designed to meet peak energy demand were installed at Linden in 1995 and two similar units were completed this spring.
"The Linden project," Cassidy continued, "fits PSEG Power's aggressive growth strategy and is in line with our goal of becoming a major competitor in electric generation, wholesale energy sales, and energy trading in a region of the US that extends as far north as Maine, as far south as the Carolinas, and as far west as Ohio. The project also represents a substantial additional investment in the cleanest new generation technology available and, as a 'brownfield' development, makes intelligent and efficient use of resources and existing infrastructure."
Combined cycle technology uses combustion turbines to generate electricity directly and in conjunction with heat recovery steam generators and steam turbines to make additional electricity from waste heat. The plant will use mechanical draft cooling towers and PSEG Power is exploring opportunities to use treated waste water for all or part of cooling water requirements, an innovation pioneered at Bergen Generating Station.
The plant's natural-gas fired combustion turbine technology is the cleanest available for minimising nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulphur dioxide, and particulate emissions that affect regional air quality. PSEG Power also will install additional emissions controls for further reductions in NOx, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons.

The plant at the site of the existing Linden Generating Station will utilise cleanest, most efficient, most reliable technology available. Three existing oil-fired steam units (total 436 MW) will be retired upon completion of new facility.
-- Cost: $ 590 mm.
-- Completion Schedule: May 2003
-- Project Management: PSEG Power Projects Group
-- Station Location: Linden Generating Station is located immediately east of the NJ Turnpike in Linden, NJ (Union County). Three original oil-fired steam units were built in 1956 in one of the first and largest cogeneration projects in the US Steam from the station was piped under the turnpike to an Exxon refinery for use in the refinery process. Redevelopment of the site began in 1995 with installation of two GE MS7001EA simple cycle gas turbines for peak demand use. Two additional turbines were installed and became operational this spring.
-- Market Location: Linden Generating Station is located within the PJM Interconnection, the largest centrally dispatched electric control area in North America, with a pooled generating capacity of more than 56,000 MW. PJM, in January 1998, became the first Independent System Operator (ISO) in the US The PJM marketplace includes more than 22 mm people and energy consumption of 250,000 GigaWatthours.
-- Project Design: The project includes two identical units utilising four GE 7FA gas-fired combustion turbines in a two-by-one steam turbine combined cycle configuration and four heat recovery steam generators with duct firing.
-- Fuel: Natural gas; kerosene backup.
-- Cooling System: Closed loop; mechanical draft cooling towers.
-- Environmental Performance: Natural gas-fired, combined cycle technology is cleanest and most efficient available. The plant's combustion turbines will operate in dry low-nitrogen oxide (NOx) mode and NOx emissions will be further reduced through installation of selective catalytic reduction control technology. Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions will be reduced through installation of an oxidation catalyst.
-- Infrastructure Utilisation: High pressure natural gas pipeline; transmission facilities and electrical systems; backup fuel unloading, storage, and supply; sewer lines; demineralised water tanks; existing buildings; fire protection; access roads.

Source: PSEG Power LLC
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