Cuba to become self-sufficient in electricity generation within five years

Jul 04, 2000 02:00 AM

Cuba plans to become self-sufficient in the generation of electricity within five years fuelling power plants entirely gas and oil from Cuban wells, officials said. Currently, about half the electricity on the island of 11 mm people is generated at plants fuelled by fuels mined domestically, said Eredio Puentes, head of business administration for the state's Western Oil Drilling and Extraction Company, or EPECO.
Puentes told that the other half of the fuel Cuba needs for power is imported. Puentes said the nation's goal is not to import any at all within four or five years Cuba has moved toward becoming more self-dependent in petroleum and many other sectors of the economy in the decade following the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

When the Eastern Bloc fell apart, Cuba was dependent upon its former allies for most of its petroleum and the economically difficult years on the island that followed were marked by widespread blackouts caused by lack of fuel. Gasoline for vehicles was strictly rationed and streets were near empty.
Before the collapse, Cuba consumed about 11 mm tpy of crude, Puentes said. The country has learned to live with less through aggressive energy-saving programs and now consumes about 8 mm tpy of crude, he said.

Source: AP
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