ADOC injects separated sour and acid gas into oil reservoirs

Sep 05, 2001 02:00 AM

After the successful completion of the sour gas injection project in October 2000, the Abu Dhabi Oil Co Ltd, Japan (ADOC) is injecting separated sour and acid gas into oil reservoirs in Umm Al Anbar and Neewat Al Ghalan fields continuously, an official report said. Significantly, the increased volume of injected gas has improved oil recovery from the two fields. "By injecting sour and acid gas, it is expected that the ultimate oil recovery from the subject reservoirs would increase substantially," it said.

ADOC has implemented also a zero-gas flaring project, which recovers gas from Mubarraz Offshore and Mubarraz island (pilot flares excluded) for injection into oil reservoirs in these two fields. The National Petroleum Construction Co is the main contractor of this project. The zero-gas flaring project was completed in April 2001 and gas injection from both Mubarraz Offshore and Mubarraz island is continuing.
"As a result of the combined efforts with sour gas injection and zero-gas flaring projects, almost all the gas produced from ADOC's oilfields is being recovered and injected into the oil reservoirs of the Umm Al Anbar and Neewat Al Ghalan fields," added the report. During 2000 and 2001, ADOC also successfully executed a water disposal project which collected the water produced from the oilfields at Mubarraz island for disposal into an underground formation with the aim of eliminating disposal into the sea.

ADOC operates three offshore fields -- Mubarraz, Umm Al Anbar and Neewat Al Ghalan that are located 60 to 100 km west of Abu Dhabi city. "Sweet gas has been injected into the two fields for enhanced oil recovery since commencement of production, whilst approximately 10 mm cfpd of sour and acid gas, which was extracted via a gas sweetening unit, had been flared at the Umm Al Anbar site terminal until year 2000."

Source: Gulf News
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