Saudi Aramco's Hawiyah gas plant begins production

Sep 25, 2001 02:00 AM

Saudi Aramco's Hawiyah gas plant is now 98 % complete and started delivering to the company's Master Gas System on Sept. 11, four months ahead of schedule. The sweet feed gas is produced from six new gas wells in the Hawiyah Jouf field.
Initial production is estimated at 260 mm cfpd, but once the plant is fully on-stream later this year production will increase the supply of sales gas by 1.4 bn cfpd, the company's headquarters here said. Hawiyah Gas Plant is the first Saudi Aramco facility to process only non-associated gas, which is produced directly from gas reservoirs and not as a secondary product of oil production.

The sweet (low sulphur) Jouf gas now being processed is the first of four separate feed gas increments to be delivered over the next two months from the Hawiyah and Haradh gas fields. This first increment will be followed shortly by three deliveries of sour Khuff gas from these fields. In June, the major utility systems and the first high-pressure steam boilers were completedand commissioned ahead of schedule. Early completion of these systems was essential to achieve schedule improvements targeted for the inlets and process facilities.

The company said that early this year the Hawiyah team faced an unexpected challenge that could have delayed the introduction of feed gas into the plant by several months. Major modifications were required to portions of the gas plant and pipelines to combat the severe corrosion potential of the sweet Jouf gas. These modifications posed a significant obstacle to the schedule.
However, the Hawiyah team developed aggressive plans for the corrective action and completed the task ahead of the schedule. The major contractors on this project are drawn from countries like Argentina, Japan and Italy.

Source: Arab News
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