Volta River Authority celebrates 40 years of service

Nov 19, 2001 01:00 AM

Ghana's Volta River Authority (VRA) is celebrating 40 years of extremely distinguished service. How would Ghana have fared if there was no VRA? It is very easy to tell: Ghana would have been starved of electric energy. The repercussions are too frightful to even consider.
Ghana owes the VRA and its electric generating plants a great deal of gratitude especially to the hydroelectric stations at Akosombo and Kpong and the thermal station at Aboadze. Though the latter is currently going through teething problems, there is no doubt whatsoever that once it gets over those problems, the country is going to enjoy it as fully as they have enjoyed Akosombo and Kpong.

Ghanaians owe a great debt to all whose vision led to the harnessing of the immense hydroelectric potential of the Volta River into what it is today. Many names stand out, foreigners and Ghanaians. Space will not allow us to mention those names individually and so we will say AYEEKOOO to them collectively.
Today, when you visit the Akosombo Dam, you are not only inspired by the grandeur of the power generating station and the dam holding the reservoir, but the Ghanaian expertise at work. Over the years since Ghana started generating hydroelectric power from Akosombo, VRA has developed a corps of highly qualified engineers whose expertise can measure up to the best in the world. It is to the ingenuity of these locally bred experts that the dams have continued to be in service.

They deserve special commendation. The best appreciation one can give VRA is to help the authority recover its costs through proper pricing so that the generating stations can be even more useful. Mere congratulations will not do. VRA must be economically viable and the only way it can do it is through cost recovery. As the celebrations work towards a climax, it might be good to adopt a mindset that the time has come for VRA to stop its spoon-feeding.

Source: Accra Mail/All Africa Global Media
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