Turkey believes CPC pipeline to make Bosporus traffic even worse

Nov 13, 2001 01:00 AM

Turkey's Merchant Marine Office said that the opening of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) conduit for Kazakhstani oil was expected to result in a major increase in tanker traffic through the Bosporus and Dardanelle Straits. Already this year, the office noted, tankers have carried 38.355 mm tons of crude oil and petroleum products from Novorossiisk and another 11.061 mm tons of crude and products from Tuapse, another Russian Black Sea port, through the Straits.
Volumes are expected to surge once the CPC pipeline is operating at full capacity. Next year, the pipeline is supposed to deliver 28 mm tons of Kazakhstani crude to Novorossiisk, and in 2014 it will carry a full load of 67 mm tons. This increase will undoubtedly push the number of tankers operating in the Black Sea upward.

As the Merchant Office noted, an average of four 200-meter tankers pass through the Straits on their way from the Black Sea to the Aegean each day at present. By 2010, the office said, the number is expected toreach 10 per day, even as the number of tankers going in both directions climbs to 44.
For each tanker of 200 meters or more, the office stated, traffic through the Straits must be halted in one direction for fully four and a half hours. Vessels longer than 250 meters cause traffic in both directions to be halted at one point for half an hour, it added. Backups will probably get worse in the future, it said, explaining that the Straits might have to be closed for five hours at a time once supertankers begin loading large volumes of Kazakhstani oil at Novorossiisk.

Source: NewsBase
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