Frozen gas explored as energy source

Nov 21, 2001 01:00 AM

In Canada's Northwest Territories, where the Mackenzie River empties into the Beaufort Sea, scientists are studying a vast deposit of frozen methane as a potential energy source.
But the buried treasure also has the potential to affect climate, and that has other scientists studying the environmental impact. "If only 1 % of the methane hydrate resource could be made recoverable, the United States could more than double its domestic natural gas resource base."

Methane hydrates are ice-like substances found in deep ocean sediments and Arctic permafrost that contain methane in a highly concentrated form. "We're investing in it because of the interest in trying to limit or reduce the amount of reliance that we have on foreign energy sources," said Peter McGrail, a staff scientist at the US Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
PNNL and the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory are part of an international team of private sector energy and research companies and US and Canadian governmental agencies working on the project at the Mallik Gas Hydrate Research Well.

Hydrates have been found under the tundra in Alaska and Canada, and under the ocean floor off the coast of Oregon, the Carolinas and in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Geological Survey has estimated the value of gas hydrates in the United States at 320,000 tcf of gas -- 200 times conventional natural gas resources and reserves in the country.

Source: MSNBC staff and wire reports
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